How does the EGR valve?

Few people know, but it is due to the exhaust gas recirculation can significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption, improve performance motor normalize its work and reduce detonation.There is such a system for a long time, and at the moment it is used perfectly on all vehicles.Even on the national "Niva" is such a device.

What is this system?

Exhaust gas recirculation is needed to ensure that the engine lost its power due to the release of unburned fuel residues.And it happens in the following way.If the temperature in the combustion chamber with oxygen, nitrogen begin to form nitric oxide.The gasoline engine O2 is needed for efficient combustion, and because it reduces the amount of nitrogen, the liquid is not fully burned.As a result, gasoline simply emitted into the pipe, fuel consumption increases, and this decreases the performance of the engine.EGR valve provides the ability to burn out fuel until the end, so that the normalized power and fuel consumption in the car.

What is this valve?

In view of a small disk with a tube that connects to the intake manifold and is mounted on the cylinder head.At rest the EGR valve ("Audi" in particular) is closed.But as soon as the engine fuel has been supplied, it is activated.Air vacuum formed in the reservoir, forces to move the membrane, and this in turn opens the EGR valve.


Currently there are several types of data devices.EGR valve is mechanically (in turn divided into 5 modifications) and electrons (there are 3 versions).

What is he doing?

This mechanism is a key component of the recycling system.He returns back of the burned-out substances into the intake manifold and mixes them with air.The latter, in turn, increases the combustion temperature (due to oxygen - O2).Thus by artificially reducing its content in the composition of the fuel-air mixture is a reduction in degree of combustion.Oxygen reacts with nitrogen, and because the degree of temperature decrease, it becomes more so in the chamber gasoline burns completely.

addition, the exhaust gas recirculation valve (including BMW) significantly reduces pumping losses, as there is such a strong drop in pressure on the throttle.Low combustion temperature reduces the knock, and it's a big plus for the motor (no loss of torque).As for the diesel plants, here the EGR valve normalizes "tough" job engine idling: thanks to low temperature combustion chamber pressure is reduced, so there is no excessive vibration.