Strange diets stars

Almost all celebrities - slender and athletic, but a way of life, most of which is not very healthy and correct.When asked what is the secret, the stars love to tell that, they say, they have such a constitution.And to be in a form that they do not require any effort.Sport is no time to engage in them (partying, drinking, drugs), and, nevertheless, they are not overweight.
So, it turns out, many women use it drugs such as heroin or cocaine, as a means for weight loss!For example, Kate Moss just so made use of for some time "crack."When drug use is not desirable, but they have no calories.Narcotic drug "adderoll" is in this respect the undisputed champion.And the consequences, such as depression, mental attacks and heart problems, no one thinks.The main thing - a slim figure!

Some use entertainers 'clenbuterol'.This medicine is recommended in cases of respiratory disease in horses ....It helps people to lose weight.

All of these tools make it possible to briefly lose weight.Then, the weight rapidly begins to return.Is this not the majority of false rumors about the pregnancy of stars?

There are, however, and more harmless ways.For example, it is known that during the filming of many actresses, including the most famous, eating nothing but boiled eggs.

Paris Hilton in general often sits on the water and "Red boule."

Britney before his hospitalization also stick to this diet.

Or even have lemonade diet.Lemonade while no binding.Beyonce admitted that she "sat on lemonade" before the film Dreamgirls.With this self-limitation of a person at first just losing weight, but if time does not stop, it turns into a gray shadow with black circles under the eyes.Some

constantly get a light one cigarette from another.This is instead of eating.Model Katherine Heigl loves this method.In light her own care.

Emma Bunton argues that shed the weight gained after birth by a chocolate diet.Last August Spice Girls singer gave birth to a boy by her fiance Jade Jones.Kid named Bo.This is her first child.Pretty soon the singer was able to get rid of the extra kilos gained during pregnancy.And all thanks to a diet that includes sweets.She said: "To lose weight after pregnancy, of course, it takes time.But I can not say that at this time I had to starve.I fed Bo-feeding for about 4 months.And, of course, it is quite strongly influenced the final result.But the main thing that I tried to keep - is moderation in all things.I would like to decreased weight naturally without going on a rigid diet.It turned out the nutrients that I get perfectly balanced.Just their volume became smaller than before.But for me, a diet without chocolate would never have worked.There are some things that simply can not renounce.Chocolate me, and as much as possible, please! ยป

32-year-old Emma says: in restoring the physical form of a role, of course, played a grueling dance on stage during the band's world tour reunited Spice Girls.Blond Star (along with 4 companions) went through many months of rehearsals (the show started in December last year).She was convinced that dancing - is the best kind of fitness.Especially if you're like the singer herself, hate all those nasty rooms with barbells and dumbbells.

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