Tea "Resin Puer" - a masterpiece puernogo production.

Stress, environment and other factors did not contribute to the improvement of our health and appearance.And so you want to live on the positive and enjoy every new day!Not only do sports and eat right.Much depends on what we drink.And that, actually, we drink?Harmful coffee, juice from packets of milk concentrates.We are ruining themselves.For example, look at the Chinese.Why do they live long, full of energy and have 5-7 kids?Because they do not drink that is sold mainly in the shops, and use a real tea, which gives strength, heals the body, tones it.The most useful drink which will give you oriental longevity - is Puer.A tea "Resin Puer" - a unique concentrate in each granule of which - strength, health, vigor.

how to produce this masterpiece?

The product was first produced in China, in Yunnan Province, in the 7th century.Assessing the effect of Puer, the people in the court of the emperor even built a special plant for its production.Within a few years, "tar" was so popular that even the monks of Tibet, who are famous for wisdom, use only the drink, giving up all others.Fortunately, "Puer Resin" is available to anyone interested.In order to understand how much is exclusive and unique drink, be aware of how it is made.You just think about the numbers - to obtain 100 g of "Tar" is necessary to process 10 kg of tea leaves, which must be pre-assembled with special puernyh trees!The stock was then placed in metal pots and pour mountain spring water.Then, within 24 hours of the three masters have continually, without interruption, to interfere with the whole lot of it, and warm over low heat.Crystal clear water by evaporation forms a very dense mass, similar to the resin.The whole process should take place at a temperature of not more than 75 degrees to keep all of the unique properties of the product.Then the resulting mixture is poured into molds.So painstakingly made this a unique drink as "Resin Puer".

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as tea acts on the body?

is no exaggeration to say that it is a medicinal drink, which helps to cope with a variety of symptoms - indigestion, renal colic, a mental disorder.Knowing how to make a drink, you will be sure that the "Puer Resin" purchased from a reliable supplier - it is not a hoax or a joke, but a storehouse of health and longevity.In addition, drink restores intestinal flora, purifies the blood and the body as a whole, removes hangover, fights intoxication, reduces high cholesterol, improves liver, strengthens blood vessels and promotes weight loss.An impressive list, is not it?Plus the fact that it is not a medicine from the pharmacy side effects, and the real healthful product.Each sip of this elixir invigorating, gives a boost of energy, improves brain activity.Going to a party that will last until the morning, and the fear that there will be a yawn?Or you find it difficult to wake up in the morning without charge cheerfulness?So, it's time to buy resin Puer and forget about such things as lack of sleep and health problems.

unique taste - a guarantee of good mood!

Taste this exclusive drink is very soft, unique, rich, deep, it can not be compared with other products.Brew a cup of tea, you will inhale with delight smoky-woody fragrance, plunge into the best traditions of Chinese tea.Color elixir of health and vitality will depend on the type of resin and the time during which you will make tea.Do not put off your happiness and bliss, hurry to buy "The resin Puer" have a reliable supplier who values ​​its reputation and offers only the best to their customers!