Plant desert saxaul.

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Saxaul amaranth belongs to the family of plants.It is trees or shrubs, reaching a height of 12 m. With its very strong roots it firmly establishes the sand and is a barrier to dust storms, thereby protecting canals, rivers and fertile land from the invasion of harmful sands, delaying the onset of salt marshes.Also keeps the same level ground water, enriching the land organic, contributes in desert rangelands fodder capacity.In addition, saksaul - flowering tree desert.


small shrubs, bushes and trees with small leaves or even leafless, assimilate the young green shoots jointed partially deciduous fall.Leaflets sometimes alternate, opposite, or subulate scaly, pointed or blunt.The flowers are bisexual.Fruit - winged flattened-spherical, slightly fleshy nut.

desert plant, Haloxylon lives a very short time - sometimes more than 60 years.At low altitude at the bottom of the old trees have a relatively thick trunk (at the root of its thickness can reach 40 cm).Trunk up rapidly shrinking.

locus of

Black saxaul - desert plant, typical of the salt marshes and sands of Turkestan.Also found in Mongolia.It forms large thickets and sandy areas of Turkestan.

tree grows in the deserts.There are 2 main types of saxaul: white and black.

Saxaul white

white saxaul desert plants - a large shrub, reaching 2.5 m in height, at least 5 m. Its leaves are in the form of small flakes.Fine, occasionally even a single feed camels throughout the year.They eat its growth and green twigs.Camels can consume the bushes to a height of 3 m, and from one bush to get to 12 kg of food.Sheep are only available on the ground of fallen branches and dry leaves (up to a kilogram per bush).The white saxaul high nutritional value: 100 kg of fodder contains up to 52.3 feed units and 3.7 kg of protein.

Saxaul black

famous black saxaul desert plant - it is a large shrub, reaching 7 m in height, with a very leafy stem.Propagated by seeds.Most forms saxaul forests.It grows in Central Asia, more precisely in its deserts.It grows best in loamy sand and loam serozems with good filtration capacity, especially in the presence of groundwater.

Occurs on takyr sierozems and takyrs here though less powerful forms thickets.Featuring large aft productivity, the cultivation of it in the form of strips of pasture increases the productivity of forage plants in pastures that are at a location nearby.Sprigs of plants eaten by camels more readily than white, while they have more stocks of fodder.

Saxaul Zaysanskiy

Rstenie Zaisan saxaul desert is sometimes seen as a kind of black saxaul.It grows on saline and sandy soils.He strongly curved and branched trunk.The branches are covered with long, slender green branches, which replace the leaves.They are reduced to small scales.The flowers are inconspicuous, small, sit in the axils of the scales;composed of 5 free leaflets, 5 stamens and 1 pestle, with up to 5 stigmas.

The ovary is one ovule, develops into a seed with embryo curled spiral.Its wood is very hard, while fragile, is not necessary in the crafts, but provides excellent fuel.Saxaul grows slowly and resumed with great difficulty, being cut down.In Iran, Afghanistan, Spain and North Africa, there are other types of plants, but they are much less common.


plant Haloxylon desert, or rather its bark, it is the best fuel quality.It is very heavy and hard, it is very difficult to cut and cut, thus breaking it.In the development of calories it surpasses oak, birch, and even different types of brown coal.From it burn wood, coal is very valuable, which is widely used in various factories.Plant desert saxaul long time in Central Asia was the only fuel.His mercilessly uprooted, they broke out and were taken out of the desert on camels.Thus the sands that are devoid of bonding of their roots of a tree, become easily flutter in the wind, studies in motion and then turned into dunes.

The plant used on the railways, in the villages and the mountains.The branches and trunks of saxaul, with their incredible clumsy, go on building houses and fixing wells.

saksaul also called scout water: in areas where groundwater is close to the surface and begin to grow tall and slender trees saxaul.In the main number of plants root pressure reaches 5 atmospheres, while saxaul already up to 100!With such power it draws from the soil moisture grains.

addition, saxaul are of great economic importance in the active development of animal husbandry, among other things, and one of its most valuable industries - Karakul.

considering medicinal plants Russia, saxaul should be allocated separately.It is included in the diet of large gerbils.Consuming it shoots as food, chickweed can produce a significant biomass of alienation, thereby engaging with a variety of farm animals in a competitive relationship.Digging activity of these animals a negative effect on the plant as they die, unless the animals under them arrange their nest chamber.

This "business" superficial moves great gerbils, located at a considerable distance among saxaul plantings are likely to play a positive role, thereby contributing to the accumulation of organic matter and moisture penetration into the soil.Against the great gerbil, however, artificial crops of the plant in the gypsum-desert detritus should regularly conduct special events fighter, as this will ensure the preservation of crops.