How much is the passport of the new sample in the Russian Federation?

According to popular belief, the biometric passport has a higher status than the traditional.Moreover, some believe that the old models of certificates are no longer valid and must be replaced immediately.However, this is just a rumor, but in reality, even with an ordinary ID card are allowed to travel abroad and a visa in the country, law enforcement authorities requesting the biometric data of incoming tourists.Myths and misconceptions regarding the receipt of the documents of the new sample, caused an indescribable excitement among the citizens of the Russian Federation, and therefore increased the terms and prices for the production of biometric passports.In this article you can find the information you need to know for sure, how much is the passport of the new sample.

biometric passport in Russia

Few people know that those passports are issued on the territory of our country, it can hardly be called complete, because in this document biometric data should be recorded on a special page with

a microchip installed.This electronic medium should contain a photo of the citizen, which will belong to the document, as well as biometrics, that being unique, are the real identifier to identify a particular person.These features (fingerprints, retinal patterns) are not changed throughout the human life.For this reason, service companies offer services, document the new model a few overpriced (for one or two thousand rubles more expensive than usual).

That's why thinking about how much is the passport of the new sample can not be answered unequivocally.The price difference is due to differences in the services provided.In Russia, the passport contains a photo often, because companies do not have sufficient technical equipment and special equipment, which performs all necessary measurements and encrypts the data.In addition, the legislation of the Russian Federation at the moment there are no clauses governing the content of the information encoded in a microchip.Consequently, the Russian new passports do not meet international standards, nevertheless leaving citizens abroad is possible in the presence of a foreign document of any kind.

How to issue a passport to the Russian Federation?

If you still want to know how much is the passport of the new sample, you should take into account the main pricing factors.The future owner must decide in advance for yourself whether it is ready to stand in line, wait for weeks fabrication document if he has the time and opportunity to gather all the necessary paperwork and other bureaucratic details.In the case where a citizen is willing to go through all instances, without missing a single step of the procedure, it can simply apply to the special state bodies involved in issuing such documents.The price policy in relation to these law-abiding Russians quite gentle: they will have to pay a state fee of 1200 rubles per child under fourteen years of age and 2,500 rubles for an adult.In both cases, the wait would be long, and you probably will pull the nerves.An alternative solution - to turn into a private office, which in a short time, easily and practically without your participation will issue biometric passport.

Turnaround time the passport of a new generation

If you're wondering how much is the passport of the new sample, then we should not forget about the terms that interest you.In other words: if you want faster - pay more.The role also played by place of residence and age.For example, residents of Moscow and suburbs across the Moscow region registration biometric passport will cost a tidy sum (about 6-8 thousand rubles), and if the document will be made this week, the cost can reach even up to 25 thousand rubles.The same option for children will be cheaper to order - about 10-14 thousand rubles.Oddly enough, the prices in the price list for such services in the regions will be several times higher.Learn as much as a passport is a new model in fact, it can be turned into firm and legal centers that provide specialized services for processing and issuing passports.