Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom.

British government - one of the few which still retained the monarchy.English love and honor his ruling Queen Elizabeth II.The ratio of British residents of all the attributes of royal power respectful.Pride of the country - the emblem of the United Kingdom.

monarchic sign

It was created to work more than one generation, all the details and symbolic thought, there is nothing superfluous, just what it says about honor and valor, events and a special ruling.Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom is considered to be personal to the reigning monarch.All other members of the royal family have their heraldic insignia.It is worth noting that the main similarity with the royal mark is, but some details individualizes each.

two instead of one

Emblem UK is not the only heraldic sign of all the United Kingdom.Recall that in the State includes, in addition to England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.Only three provinces believe the royal coat of arms of its heraldic symbol.Part of the Scotia has

a different version of the logo.That is currently the country's two current coat of arms, with significant differences.

heraldic symbols

Emblem UK (pictured right) consists of two heraldic lions and leopards seven.Leo means strength, generosity and courage, and a leopard - the courage and bravery.

In heraldry there is no clear distinction between these animals.The difference is symbolic.Most often on the arms shows a lion without a mane and leopard - with her.An important role is played by the color of the animal and its location.Released about eleven options, each of which has a clear meaning.

It should also be said that the mere detalizirovanie - description of the coat of arms of the United Kingdom - will not work, the subtext is, every detail (the color of the clutches / canine animals, flowers on the lawn, coat color, and so on. D.), So you need to assess the overall pictureonly then you will get a clear understanding of the entire image.


heraldic insignia of the British monarchs includes a shield divided into four equal parts.In the first and fourth depicts three gold leopards marching (the official name of "reaching lions on the lookout").Since the emblem of England is designated.Ireland is represented in the third part of the shield in the form of a harp on an azure field, and Scotland - in the second, in the form of a lion rebels.In the role of chargers acts crowned lion (English character) on the left and a unicorn, chained in a chain (a Scottish symbol) on the right.The crest above the shield is crowned leopard.

second option (Scottish)

Emblem UK Scottish version also includes a crowned lion holding a shield and chained in a chain of a unicorn, but the lion is to the right and a unicorn - left.At the crest - a crowned lion sitting right.Shield is also divided into four equal parts.In the third niche located harp symbolizing Northern Ireland.The first and fourth niches occupied by rebelling lions (one), indicating Scotland, and the second - three gold lion on a scarlet background.

The Scottish version of the emblem on the crown, crowning a golden helmet in place previous to the golden crowned leopard sitting scarlet, holding in the paws of a lion sword and scepter.Scottish version differs significantly in that the coat of arms depicts a crowned unicorn.Moreover, lawn decorated only thistle, while still mostly present embodiment rose and clover.


Emblem UK history - a history of the country.The symbol of the state has changed, improved, absorbing the spirit of the people.His appearance this heraldic insignia shall Richard I of England.Shield with three leopards (lions) on dark red background was his symbol.

quartered shield divided Edward III, thus expressing their dissatisfaction when the throne of France took Philip VI of Valois.In the second and third parts, he left the leopards, and in the first and fourth - placed the emblem of France (golden lilies on an azure background).Eventually Lily were replaced by symbols of Scotland and Ireland.It happened when King James I in the 17th century.

helmet adorned with a crown of St. Edward during the reign of Charles II.Later, there were signs that read: "Shame on him who thinks ill of it" and "God and my right."Shield with the shield-bearer located in a clearing with England personifying flowers (roses, clover, thistle) also did not immediately.Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom has undergone changes not only in this.Supporters at the time were white swans and falcons, white boar and red dragon, dog and yawl (aka Yale - the worst enemy of a basilisk).His last appearance was in the heraldic emblem of Queen Victoria.


Emblem Every nuance is important.For example, azure color (blue / blue) in heraldry means honor and loyalty, greatness and glory, gentleness and chastity, dryness, clarity, sincerity and honesty.On azure background the symbol of Northern Ireland.

scarlet (red / red) was the basis for the British Lions, having, among other things, azure weapons (claws and fangs).In heraldry, this color is associated with courage and fearlessness, the blood shed for ideals (religious, political).So depicted blood and fire and heat.

gold color chosen for the lions are not accidental.In heraldry - a symbol of justice and power, respect and greatness, purity and constancy, humility and charity.


the coat of arms the inscription «Honi soit qui mal y pense», the crown and the surrounding blue belt with a buckle are the symbols of the Order of the Garter.It was founded at the time Edward III.The principles which formed the basis of the Order, later became the basis for virtually all the orders of knighthood.Its main attributes - the insignia (rowing, flag), ownership (land, castles).All members of the Order are equal to each other, except for its head.The number of members is strictly limited, and membership in other orders was equated with treason.


Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom is considered the oldest heraldic sign of the world.Moreover, it was the basis for almost all the coats of arms of the British dominion.In particular, the Canadian coat of arms has the same chargers as the British.Golden helmet adorns the crown of St.Edward, but it is also located procession crowned lion.The shield is divided into five parts, three of which are occupied by the symbols of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.