How to pin a bang - discover all the secrets

Among the fair sex can often hear the phrase: "If you want to change your life - change your hairstyle."Strange but true: sometimes it really helps.Podstrigshis or making new styling, a woman not only change the appearance, but also internally.It becomes noticeable as the changing her attitude and outlook on life, and others, lifted the mood, all the problems disappear, and life is getting better.So, ladies, if you want to change your life for the better ... go to the mirror.Yes, it is up to the mirror, not to the hairdresser.Change yourself at home under the force of each representative of the fairer sex.And it does not need to radically change the appearance, but you can just start to experiment with your bangs.

How slaughter bangs so that the image has changed in a positive way?The answer to this question is, and he is not alone.We offer several original and simple in execution of ways styling bangs.

long bangs to the side, you can be killed.To do this, side parted bangs to the side and pull the invisible.The place where the clips are attached, fold up and secure the lock of hair lacquer.If you do not want to hide the invisible, then bangs secure with beautiful barrettes.It turns tender and romantic.

If you need to get hair kept for a long time, then it can be used for laying the braid weave."And what a bang stick using weaving?" - You ask.It is very simple: from the beginning of the bangs start weaving braids "spikelets", gradually grabbing a strand by strand.When woven into the whole bang, the tips of thin rezinochkoy lock and hide behind a lock of hair or a barrette.This option hairstyles look festive and cute.

interesting to look bangs, twisted into a bundle.To do this, start from the bottom fringe tighten the harness over its entire length.When all the bang will be laid, we can fix it, but you can (as an option) to continue the formation of the harness through the hair around the head and finish packing in the same place where it started.How to pin a bang in this variant hairstyles?Not at all, you just need to tighten the tourniquet tight and it will hold on tight.Back and sides of her hair tighten bolts.For better fixation sprinkle hair lacquer.This styling will give your image of femininity and lightness.

How stab short bangs?With short hair you can also "play".For example, put all the hair on his head in the lush hair and bangs on the contrary, align, grease gel, smooth and place to one side.Secure chelochkoy-bow barrette.All you very charm!

fun and stylish look styling with little zakolok- "crabs."If you know how to slaughter a bang with these hair accessories, you can create a nice hairstyle.Divide hair into 4-5 strands, each strand flagellum screw up and fix "krabikom."To perform this installation you will need just a few minutes, and it looks very elegant.

Experimenting with stacking is endless.In fact there are many more ways in which to stab a bang.Photos in the article, magazines and networks can be a good stimulus for further creative ideas.

Take now in the hands of your favorite hairpin, attach it to your bangs, smile and look around you.Life is good - is not it? ..