How to prolong youth for years to come?

Perhaps no sane person does not want to grow old.The only difference is that one, noticing another wrinkle, sighing sadly, not while doing absolutely nothing, while others, on the contrary, seek answers to their questions, how to stay young?Skeptics may argue here, arguing that the issues of premature wear and tear of the body in the first place stands a genetic predisposition.However, environmentally unfriendly atmosphere of our time, not adhering to a healthy lifestyle and not performing certain rules, it is possible to grow old much earlier than our ancestors.That is why it is important to carefully monitor not only their appearance, but also for the internal state of the body, because the human skin reflects the state of his health.So, how to stay young and really it?Yes, indeed, hide biological age, slightly slowing the inexorable march of time through simple techniques, it is possible.Here are a few fixed rules, doing that can achieve the desired results.

1. Proper nutrition - the cornerstone for improving the health status and thus the appearance.The Mediterranean diet is most useful in this case, since it includes the most useful products: olive oil, nuts, fish, fruits, vegetables and grains.Sufficient water intake allows moisturize the skin from within and keep youth face.Avoid excessive intake of simple carbohydrates and sugars as a result of receiving the ranging cholesterol and, as a consequence, the vessels are sealed.In addition, lower calorie foods is the right way to prolong life.

2. Do not allow sharp fluctuations in weight as the periodic shedding weight, followed by a set of triggers stretching and sagging skin, besides it adversely affects insulin sensitivity.

3. On the question of how to prolong the youthfulness of the skin, help and protection from the sun's rays.The negative effects of the sun contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging.That is why you should use creams with filters, regardless of the weather.Indeed, ultraviolet rays affect the skin equally as sunny or cloudy day.

4. Do not forget about the protection of the eyes from the sun, because the eyes squinting in the bright sun aggravates existing wrinkles and leads to the formation of new ones.Do not skimp, glasses should be chosen by all means quality thus can be prevented and the formation of cataracts.

5. If you have a question as to prolong youth, really important - in any case do not smoke.This bad habit - the killer of youth.Smokers marked sallow complexion, excessively dry skin with deep wrinkles.In addition, smoking inhibits skin cells, not allowing them to regenerate itself, significantly slows wound healing, hair falls out, there is early graying.

6. Regularly and carefully care for the skin.Refine your type and select the appropriate cosmetics that are applied very carefully, without stretching the skin.Remember that proper skin care includes:

  • pre-treatment;
  • peeling;
  • hydration;
  • food;
  • special care (eliminating acne, whitening, etc.).

to the skin around the eyes, use a special cream containing vitamin A or retinol.

7. Do not forget to take vitamins and minerals that release the skin from free radicals generated by sunlight, pollution and leading to premature aging.

8. Whenever possible, try to avoid stressful situations that negatively affect the body as a whole.Given that fully protect themselves from stress is almost impossible to remove with the help of nervousness relaxation, breathing exercises, yoga, etc.

9. Perform exercise.Everyone knows that the movement - is life, therefore, the oxygen saturation of the cell (which is the best anti-oxidant).Choose something for everyone: running, walking, dancing ...

10. The main guardian of beauty - restful sleep.Get enough sleep, keep a correct way of life, and the question of how to stay young, for you will not be relevant.At the time he went to bed, we allow our skin to work for us, because it is during sleep occurring beneficial biological processes.The best position to sleep - on the back.