How to steam the face properly

Every time you need to clean your face, a woman should thoroughly steam it.On this depends the subsequent state of the epidermis.And that means, and the beauty of a beautiful lady.There are a variety of steam baths.

How to steam the face properly

Boil water and pour it into a convenient container.This may be a dedicated device for cosmetic treatments.Suitable and ordinary saucepan.The effect is the same, the only difference is that special devices do not allow to burn yourself, and cover the head with a towel is not necessary.

for pre-cleaning the skin it is advisable to perform a delicate peeling.This we remove dead skin dead skin particles and mechanically cleans pores.

good effect adding herbs or essential oils into the boiling water.For each type of skin you must choose its composition:

  • for bold type added lemon, peppermint oil;
  • for normal skin - nettle, lavender and rosemary;
  • dry - rose oil and grape seeds, chamomile and linden.

After infusion of herbs to boil, wait a few minutes, otherwise you may get burned.Wear an elastic bandage on his head.Find a comfortable place after a few minutes will have to stay in a bent position.Close your eyes, relax, breathe open-mouthed.Warm up the face for about ten minutes.You will feel excessive sweating.To open long enough quarters of an hour.Skin toxins, excess moisture, sebum come to the surface.All of this should be removed with a soft towel, and then you can move on to cleaning.After steaming procedure is better not to go out.

After steaming skin has the ability to get rid of some defects.For example, acne, having medical called "comedones" squeezed light touch of a finger.Then the person can be treated with antiseptic and begin to spray nourishing masks.

How to steam the face at home with hot towels

needed fabric that meets the following conditions: it must be natural (cotton, linen), dense and very soft.It is immersed in hot broth grass slightly drained and placed on a person.One only has to cool a napkin as it dipped again, squeeze and put on the face.

steam bath for the face is especially good for oily, porous skin.If your blood vessels on the face of expanded or you suffer from hives, which is manifested in the sudden temperature changes, select steaming cloth.

How to steam the face, if you are on a business trip or traveling

There are special mask effect steaming.Enough for a few minutes to put one of them, as the skin will get a beautiful view.The structure of these masks includes extracts of berries, herbs, cream and others.

Tips stars: how to steam the face

Actress Jane Fonda once every two weeks conducting the following procedure: it steams face chamomile broth, then covered by a thick layer of corn mask and kneads the skin.Then you need to remove the mask, wash it with cool water.

Famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova after the steaming procedure cleanses the skin with a mixture of honey and salt.Singer Britney Spears uses lemon-herb inhalation.Oxana Fedorova after warming causes facial mask made up of own recipe.To do this you need to mix two teaspoons of glycerin, a tablespoon of camphor and one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide.Famous Cindy Crawford combines a steam bath with milk, Jessica Alba uses a mixture of sea salt and aromatic oils.All of this helps to effectively get rid of skin impurities.

Now you know how to steam the face.Take care of yourself and be beautiful at any age and at any time of the year.