"Auto": reviews of staff and customers on the shipping company

Thousands of the largest Russian companies have been targets of the thematic survey by the Research Center "Factor."The central cities of Russia: Astrakhan, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Ufa - are ranked the most popular companies of the forwarding profile.The three leaders turned LLC "Auto Trading".Reviews respondents shows: 71% of Russian companies use their services.

All-Russian venture

This company really can be described as all-Russian, as it provided a network of its branches (and they number no less - 105) the entire country - from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.Geography gruzodostavki from "Auto Trading" today includes more than 3500 cities and towns of Russia.Does not that impressive scale of this work?Therefore, the reviews of this enterprise - not a rarity on the Internet.Success has also been achieved thanks to a reasonable and competitive rates.Therefore, "Avtoteyding" and advocates a significant player of the federal market of transport and logistics services.

Continuous improvement of the quality of customer service is a strategic focus in the company.Her daily activities, in addition to maintenance requests of individuals, including the main component - a permanent contractual cooperation with enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses.With this pragmatic policy, we are seeing a systematic increase in the "Auto Trading" served market share of transport and logistics services.

transport and logistics market

Strategic macro analysis of the Russian market shows its clear tendency to development and diversification.And leading the "locomotive" in improving transport ekpeditorskie services are enterprises at the federal level, such as LLC "Autotrading".Reviews of their work indicate that they adequately have the resources and opportunities to further enhance productivity.Their logistics allows you to choose the best option from a variety gruzodostavki.At the same time, small transport companies are more limited in options, and therefore sometimes forced to operate less efficiently, ie with high costs of their business.

costs sane.Components of the freight market

talk about the costs imputed LLC "Autotrading" at the macro level.Russia has traditionally been a country with a high level of transport and logistics costs.In Russia's GDP share of logistics costs is 19%.For comparison, the same figure for China is 18% for India and Brazil, it is in the range of 11-13%, in Germany, Italy, USA, Japan - 8,3-9,4%.

If we talk about the absolute best figures, the assessment of the Russian market of transport and logistics services, its volume in the most successful in 2012, excluding pipelines totaled 2.03 trillion.rub.Currently leading the market trend is the increase in the proportion of storage services.As a percentage of its structure is displayed in the following table.

components of transport and logistics services

Relative value in%

Logistics management


Distribution and warehousing


Forwarding Services




As you can see from the table, is the absolute leader in trucking.But their absolute domination - is extensive development of transport and logistics services.When tracking of online notes the range of services of "Auto Trading" reviews its customers demonstrate greater compared to the average level of freight forwarding and warehousing services.Better organization allows the company to offer customers the precise timing of delivery and good information support.

Indeed, the "Auto Trading", developing the Russian market for more than twenty years on forces to offer the customer a choice of any method of delivery, ranging between logistics capabilities automobile, air and railway transport.At the same time, the company shows a modern approach in attracting the mass customer by offering integrated logistics autosorsinga him.

Complex autosorsing

Let this "abstruse" foreign word you, dear readers, do not bother.It should be understood as a complex concept that reveals the essence of the test our enterprise.Transport company "Auto Trading" accented develops its technology in-house customer service, through which achieved:

- more dynamic form cargoes, achieved by increasing the customer base;

- improving professional work with general cargo, including heavy (more than 5 tons) and bulky;

- development of warehouse handling consignments;

- providing clients with expert assistance in customs clearance of cargo;

- assist clients in the certification of conformity;

- providing client services in the design of insurance using proprietary developments of cooperation with the leading Russian insurance companies;

- other services accompanying the cargo transportation;

- the possibility of obtaining goods in the interest of the customer without his presence;

- traceability arrival of the goods and to inform the customer about his arrival.

Additional amenities for customers promise to offer the company's brand: the delivery of cargo to the door, giving the customer a porter for the installation of heavy and bulky general cargo.

Customer Service via online tracker online

Transport company "Auto Trading" provides customers with quality service at economy class fares.To reach their maximum customer audience online-enabled service.Each customer can assess in advance how much it will cost delivery of cargo using the online tracker, implemented on the company's website.

Another purpose of the program - to help the customer to monitor where the goods are located, to carry out the paperwork on arrival - order delivery.

practical work with the service to the client looks like the entrance to the company's website "Autotreydinga" with your password, identification of the goods by using a number of "their" bill of lading, and the name of the settlement and the date of dispatch.Here, on the site, the customer, provided the necessary advice and background information.

Reviews: positive and negative

try to thoroughly analyze the Internet as an environment where clients are placed on the company "Auto Trading" reviews.St. Petersburg, for example, is served by seven branches we are studying the company.With him and begin to study the level of customer service.Striking a high percentage of positive responses, indicating the strong internal work regulation.Transportation branches of St. Petersburg quickly enough to customer service.Freight forwarders have good professional knowledge and communication skills.As a result, the customer receives accurate and specific information about the services of its cargo.

There is a strong group of St. Petersburg businessmen cooperating with the company.This is - the real practice.Their feedback was originally informative and friendly.The initial promise of their arguments is the statement of fact in the absence of the Russian logistics market ideal transportation company.

Understand correctly, for entrepreneurs, opined, it is - not a reason for thorough conclusions.On the contrary, the starting point for the common selection of the transport company for long-term cooperation.We analyzed responses indicate that many entrepreneurs say Petersburgers competitive dominance of the studied company "Auto Trading" on the criterion of "price / quality."They also note forwarders qualified firms that offer meaningful scheme of cargo transportation.

Critical reviews of customers and employees

above flattering characteristics demonstrate confidence and business relations linking the regular customers and "Auto Trading".Feedback from staff (Moscow) at the same time is indicative of a delay in the payment of their salaries.

By the way, for some reason, the work is the Moscow branch is the most reviews-criticism on the part of the Internet customers.Even tolerant businessmen say slowing cargo flows serviced metropolitan divisions of the company.These entrepreneurs as a starting point in improving the situation, recommend that the heads of "automated trading" to increase staff motivation.

Motivation, qualification - it is claimed?

motivational factors should not be discounted.Not because of some branches if he touted customers, while others - not?

Guest inevitably become more loyal if productive, motivated employees.However, no less important factor qualification forwarders.The quality of forwarding services is directly related to:

- route optimization;

- transport delivery for loading at a time when the operation is to be prepared;

- sync with the technical design process of shipping, customs and the negotiation of documents;

- controlled transportation by monitoring "control points."

Do all the negative reviews are constructive?

There is a statistics according to which over 99% of customers "served by a" company "Auto."They are fully satisfied with the "rules of the game."They are satisfied with the service, considering that "it must be so."Therefore, you will not find their reviews online.It is thanks to them, as we mentioned earlier, the company has developed to a nationwide level.However, there are other customers who are less than 1%, formally related to the contract with the company, does not clarify the basic conditions of service of their orders.Their online reviews are easily recognizable: a lot of emotions, few references to contract clauses.

course, working on the article, and we were faced with the negative reviews.But they tried to take into account the prior objectivity.You can not, for example, to formulate a conclusion according to the "single client", initially ignoring advice forwarders.After making the above "filtering" and comparing the economic indicators, we were convinced that TK "Auto Trading" demonstrates a truly effective marketing strategy.


reliable and capable transport component - of particular concern to the company "Auto Trading".Reviews drivers show that a sustainable and high-quality work of the branch is important not just to hire the required number of drivers and have a "skeleton" that is, the experts working for years.And this requires feedback, mutual administration and employees.It is grateful responses drivers "Auto Trading" we met online.The experience of the intra-cooperation found talented middle managers deserves spread throughout the system of the company.

What do they say about the drivers themselves?Problems and suggestions should quickly identify, analyze and to the extent appropriate and consistent run.Affiliated leadership should be a matter of logistics drivers, providing them with free phone, you need the level of wages.In this way, and there is a formation of the aforementioned "skeleton" capable of "lean on" when performing the most demanding tasks.

remuneration, social guarantees

sign of the economic strategy of the company is the constant expansion of the Russian market of transport services, then there is a growing network of branches "Auto Trading".Reviews of the employer indicate the original orientation of the managers hired personnel to high-intensity highly specialized work.In addition, the company guarantees the benefits package, and formal employment.

If we make a comparative analysis of the different sectors of the economy - the level of remuneration is the average of transport.Of course, the more you get directors of branches due to bonuses and compensation.The leaders also encouraged rather moderately stable and productive work in the "Auto Trading".Feedback from staff testify to this.

real wage level

reviews indicate that the employees themselves initially truthful declaration of the company-level wage.To provide the information we have received from specialized sites advertisements for employment.Manager working with corporate clients receives at the hands of 35 thousand. Rub .;Specialist claims work - 30-35 thousand rubles .;drivers of category "B" and "C" (specialization "dump" - 45 th. rub .; personal driver - 50 thousand rubles .; forwarder driver - from 60 thousand. rubles);storekeeper - 35-40 thousand rubles .;Loader - 30-35 thousand. rub .;Packer, a carpenter - 33 th. rub .;Manager Customer Service - 35 ths. rub.(taken from public sources).

Is it always good conservatism?In many traditional for the Russian market remuneration system shows TC "Auto Trading".Feedback from staff indicate that an increase in their skills further alternative to in-house professional development is quite small.Either a talented employee can become a director of a branch (such as job quite a bit), or it will have to seek more "bread" job in another company.Although from the standpoint of macroeconomics such personnel policy, which implies a real brand concept and strategy, certainly - a positive phenomenon in the Russian labor market.


What can I wish the managers of the company for the future?Further growth and prosperity.As recommendations for the future would like to advise the transition from the criteria for extensive growth to stimulate more grassroots-level work.Perhaps it should also pay more attention to personnel training.