Why dream of pies: meaning and interpretation of sleep

agree pies like almost all people.Maybe a little fault with the stuffing.And in general, this delicacy almost no one can refuse.This is real life.And what do they mean in the night visions?Why dream of pies?If interested, then let's deal.

Which side approach to deciphering?

Before expound, what dreams pies in a given situation, talk about exceptions.The fact that such a delicious image is not always prophetic.Let's say you're sitting on a diet, and baking like to unconsciousness.In this case, do not break your head, trying to understand what dreams cakes.You just hungry, and the subconscious gives images all sorts of goodies.Even at such a dream is not worth paying attention to needle women, the plan including the imminent occupation pastries.Or maybe have mistresses, and the day does not pass without a test.This so-called reflection of reality came in dreams.They have nothing to tell.In other cases, be sure to check out the dream-books, paying attention to the interpretation of the filling.Often, the whole point of it is enclosed in it.

See pies

Let's start with the simplest of subjects, bearing in mind that the characters must solve the night, remembering all the good details.Suppose a man just saw cakes and did not know what was inside.Thus predicts changes.Interpreters say good.But warns that it is necessary to recall the impression left after the contemplation of delicious pastries.It's the tell the direction life conflicts.Liked alluring, rosy vision, doubt and afraid to anything.Dream of cakes in this case, to the pleasure and joy.Soon, something in your life get off the ground, making the heart-stopping anticipation of happiness.Most often, such a dream foretells serious financial replenishment, although it may tell about his personal life.

And if baking looked strange or repulsive?

It is clear that such a vision, unfortunately, does not leave good memories.And especially do not really optimistic.Ahead of unexpected difficulties or serious trouble.They affect almost all areas of your life.Only one thing remains unchanged - the income that can not but rejoice.Agree, it is better to solve the problem if there is some support, even if the material.Anyone who fell into a depression, you should know that it is better not to be sad, but to act.Passive waiting will not help it to anything.Dream of fried pies unappetizing kind - get ready to repel the attacks of colleagues or superiors.This is the case when the dish is burnt, spoiled, or covered with mold.Lovely to look at fried pies not bode trouble.Baked goods, repulsive kind should prepare a person for the sad news.Possible death a distant relative, who nevertheless have a significant impact on the growth of welfare.That is, the person will receive the inheritance.


Such a plot is not talking about gluttony, as some believe.When trying to understand what dreams patties with potatoes, for example, remember what was the taste, and most importantly, your sense of consumer goodies.This is important, because the baking can be soft, melting in your mouth, damp or solid that sole.It is understood that the plot follows expound differently.If you ate with great relish patties, then soon followed by reconciliation with the man quarrel with that troubled lately.Very good vision for lovers.You can be sure of reciprocity and loyalty to the chosen one.When the product is turned on taste disgusting, wait for the quarrels and bickering.Optionally, with the most expensive people.However, the forthcoming tiff upset you too much.The crude cake in a dream tells about the absence of such a wonderful human qualities as willpower.He is ready to give up the case half way.Solid dried cakes - a sign of a good memory of someone you once wronged.We'll have to put up with his claim.

little about the importance of filling

In fact, the basic meaning of tasty vision lends his appearance and taste.Filling only adds nuances.Therefore, finding out, for example, what dreams meat pies, pay more attention to the pomp and rosy product.It is more important than a product wrapped in a dough.Although the meat in this story foretells the kind of luck associated with the business sphere.Maybe partner finally agreed on the proposal that you made recently, or suddenly be given a bonus at work.There is no reason for sadness, upset to anything.Dream of pies with cabbage - cook purse.He will certainly come in handy!And spending could soon be increased, which can not but rejoice!When filling fruit appeared, be a period of pleasures, jam - to the joys of love.Fragrant potato wrapped in a delicious, thick crust, appears in front of a fun event or holiday.If you secretly gnawing on someone else's pie, try to be kind to people.This story tells about the lack of communication, the matter which, incidentally, is the dreamer himself.He's just too closed.

What a dream to buy cakes

This plot predicts quick meeting with relatives.Even the number of visitors can be identified by sleep.If you've got one or two patties, the party will be numerous.When the dreams that have bought a whole bunch of different goodies, get ready for the big event.Perhaps you will be invited to a wedding or anniversary.In any case it will be an occasion to talk to all the relatives who have not seen.If the patties were spoiled, the reason for the meeting can not be called joy.He will definitely sad.When you dreamed that paid a treat and remains with the seller, expect disruption of scheduled meetings.Especially bad if you tried to buy a lot of baking.So in real life it falls through the event, which have been waiting for.

What dream bake pies

Preparation of dough and filling, as well as all other work on the creation of fine dishes speak of test period.What will be associated difficulties, can be judged by the filling.It is bad when you are in a dream concocted a mountain of all sorts of pies.This vision speaks of serious problems.Stick to your principles, persistently strive toward the goal, and they quickly go into the past.But still have worried.Fry patties - to receive visitors in real life.Most often, such a dream comes to those who are already planned a fun party.By type of products can be seen, as it will take place, whether all the guests are happy, whether a person will remain pleasant, not quarrels and scandals clouded memories.If you had a dream that burned on the stove during operation, in the heart of unexpected passion breaks out.Turn your head and try to guess where the love comes to nothing.Dreaming fry pies and injured - the resumption of the spring in the already long-standing relationship.And when burned his hand on the oven - to a new partner.When you put the dough and cooked not in your kitchen, but in a strange and unfamiliar place, know there are people in this world that dreams of love and sighs, looking at the portrait, whose own guess.

Other values ​​

Some sources interpret the story in which ruddy pies suddenly fall to the floor.He talks about the upcoming spending.Thus if tipped over the whole dish or baking tray with baking, it is necessary to closely monitor costs.In the near future you will attack the desire to buy up all the stores in a row.The result will be a long period of austerity.Is not it better myself a little poprizhat not squandering money right and left?Decide.When the cakes rolled in the dirt or dust, to know you have stepped on the perilous road.This dream speaks of troubles with the law on the basis of greed.Try not to trust their financial problems to strangers.Under the guise of well-wishers, most likely hiding a real fraud.But you will understand what is happening later, when it will become a real partner of some scam.Not a very good night's sleep.