How to write in the "maynkraft" chatting?

"Maynkraft" - is a multilateral project, which opens you almost unlimited possibilities.You can try them both in single-player mode and multiplayer.And in the latest version of many players there are some questions about communication.The fact that there is a chat in a game, but it presents several modes, each of which is unique.And it is important to know each of them to be able to successfully communicate with other players.So, this article will tell you how to write in the "maynkraft."

Private messages

easy to guess that for writing messages in the chat room you need to use the game console.Naturally, there you can register and special teams that will affect the world around us - especially if you are an administrator.However, now we are talking about how to write in the "maynkraft", so you need to focus specifically on the live chat, which exist in the game.First of all pay attention to private conversations.This chat is attended only two players, and messages to each other can only read it -

other gamers conversation Hide.To write such a message intended for a particular person, you will need to enter the text message / m, and then the player's nickname, which will be sent to this message.Do not forget to register a team, or your personal message will be in the public domain.Now you know how to write in the "maynkraft" private messages - but the process can be simplified.

Simplification private communication

Unfortunately, "maynkraft" has no personal chat for each correspondence, so you have to look for private messages among all the others.But how not to get lost in the Destination?How to write in the "maynkraft" private messages effectively?To do this, you need to change the team with m to r, and no longer indicate the nickname of the recipient.This command will send the final recipient, and you can easily communicate without having to enter each time the nickname again.Now that you know all about how to write in the "maynkraft 1. 5. 2" and other versions of private messages - the time has come to deal with the general chat.

General chat

Unlike private chat, general chat all gamers can see what you have written, and you can answer.To write such a message, you need to put an exclamation point them - then it will be seen absolutely all the players present on the server.However, this is not the most common method of communication, it is more a device for advertising messages or opoveschatelnogo character.Rarely in the game, there are times when you need to write messages that would read everything.But how to write in chat "Maynkraft" to the message does not scatter around the server?

Local chat

In "maynkraft" has a notion of local chat, which makes communication as easy as possible.To write a message to a local chat, you do not need to put any signs and prescribing teams - from you only need a clean text.What these messages are different from the rest?The fact that they are distributed among all players, but not all server.Local messages are limited to 100 blocks in each direction from the origin of the message.Thus, the information is obtained, only those players who are close enough to the gamer who writes a message.If you find yourself at a distance of at least 101 unit, the message does not get it.This method of communication is the most common, as it allows us not to litter chat to all players on the server, but makes it possible to access a large number of gamers who are closest to you.