How to invite the clan recruits in the WoT?

Each clan - those who composed it.In fact, the concept itself of the clan may play a role only in terms of reputation - a large number of battles, ownership on the global map, and so on.But no party has a reputation will not matter, because that's what members of the clan were fighting and earn points and gold.But the players will not go to you, so you need to be able to lure them.This article details will be painted as invite clan WoT most suitable to you newcomers, who would have helped him grow and develop.

Terms call

The game World of Tanks implemented a system of recruiting office, where single players are looking for the clans, and the clans themselves select suitable recruits for themselves.And if you want to learn how to invite clan WoT new members, you need to start with the conditions of the call.You will need as much detail to describe all the characteristics to be a fighter that you have approached, - the number and percentage of wins, the average amount of experience fighting for and

the amount of a certain level of technology.You can also specify certain tanks, adding them to the conditions of the call, then, for you will only see the players who have already participated in the battles in any of these tanks.These are conditions that are directly related to the game itself and its content.But that is not all.You should know how to invite clan WoT newcomer, whom do not know anything specific.

Additional information

The conditions are call and additional fields that allow you to show the players what is required of them.In particular, you can specify how many days a week should show the gamer in the game and at what time he should always be ready for battle.You must also specify which pursues the goal of the clan, to the community that is interested only in military progress, did not enter those gamers who WoT only entertain and communicate.And of course, under appeal indicates precisely what languages ​​should possess a beginner, because understanding - a key part of the game.Thus, the conditions are filled call now like to invite to clan WoT players?

search for personal reasons

In fact, the process is very simple - the fact that the clans make their conditions call in parallel with the way the players create their own personal affairs, which indicate information about yourself.Voenkomat meanwhile automatically analyzes the data and provides the clan recruits that fit their needs, and the players - those clans that they could be interesting.And if you were invited to a certain number of players, you can browse their personal files.After that the next important step in this process WoT - invitation into the clan.

Sending invitations

Here is a list of recruits that match your criteria appeal - now there is only mention of this or those you want to see in their ranks, and click on the "Invite to the clan."Then you need to write a message that is to briefly demonstrate why the player should start it in your clan, it convinced him that here he will receive the maximum benefit and be able to grow faster and so on.But do not strongly indicate sprayed and all sorts of stuff, for example, is involved in any battles this player or in any clans was.WoT in this case offers personal communication through messages, if you want to learn more about the player, and at the invitation of the clan established a specific number of characters while still not the highest - in the region of 1500. Therefore, use this field for any other purpose.Good luck!