Heartburn: put out the fire!

statistics on the results of a burning sensation in the esophagus spoils the life of 80% of future mothers.Partly to blame for this problem physiology.But mostly - an unbalanced diet.Crispy salty cucumber or fragrant cherry jam can provoke heartburn.In fact, as late dinner.

If earlier from her could relieve tabletochku, now to all kinds of drugs should be treated with great caution.After all, some of the components may harm not only your body, but also crumbs.Tolerate heartburn - not a solution.Healthy lifestyle and intelligent power system will save exactly from trouble.

Why is this happening?

The stomach is separated from the esophagus sphincter.It is easy to miss the food that swallows a man does not give her to go back.During pregnancy, this mechanism is broken.The increased amount of progesterone in the blood relaxes the muscle tissue of the alimentary tract.Besides increasing the uterus increases the pressure in the peritoneum, which also affects the sphincter.As a result of acidic stomach contents into the esophagus and thrown it irritates mucous membranes.So there is a burning sensation.

3 typical misconceptions

Many are accustomed to accept heartburn as an inseparable companion of pregnancy.However, this is not the only misconception concerning the "burning" issues.It's time to change the stereotypes!Only the correct tactics will help eliminate heartburn.Incorrect actions can exacerbate the situation.

1. Burning often appears only in the third trimester.

problem may occur before, if you lean on salty or can not go past the candy store.

2. Soda - best friend.

seems, it took a spoon, washed down with water - and it was good.Relief comes only for an hour.A soda irritates the stomach wall and causes swelling.

3. Heartburn must be endured.

popular belief that it occurs when the baby begins to grow hair, makes future mothers to endure the discomfort and do nothing.We must act!For irritation of the esophagus can develop into a serious illness.

To hell

There are methods that get rid of heartburn once and for all and not harm.

EAT in moderation Fractional power - the most effective strategy against the burning.Thoughtful schedule so that there 5-7 times a day, but gradually.A small amount of food does not overload the stomach and it is absorbed faster (not thrown up into the esophagus).

warn Constipation Crowded intestines increases intrauterine pressure.This means that the sphincter can not cope with its task and will not stop eating.Eat foods that increase bowel movements.Yogurt, baked beets, cereals - all of them prevent constipation.Just like prunes, dried apricots.Keep a bowl of dried fruit on hand!

Pick WARDROBE Things peredavlivayut tummy impair circulation.The baby gets less oxygen.In addition, the tight belt provoke heartburn.Give preference to a free flowing dresses.Do not forget that expectant mothers are special tights and underwear.Such discomfort is not delivered and will not cause heartburn.

SHARPLY not tilt If you need to pick up a fallen scarf sex, do it, slowly sat down.It would be nice to put a small bench in the hallway, where you get comfortable wearing shoes.

careful with LOADS You do gymnastics every day?Well Done!However, excluded from the set of exercises that are related to abdominal strain.

create conditions for sleep is enough to lift the head of the bed by 15 centimeters - and a few days you will feel that the discomfort in the esophagus have been.When lying in this position, the contents of the stomach does not irritate the esophagus.

not to load at night Try to have at least 2 hours before bedtime.Otherwise, you can wake up at night from the unpleasant burning sensation.Later have to work with?Restrict a piece of bread with boiled chicken or a few tablespoons of cottage cheese.

NOT lie after eating lunch and lie down close to the TV - the easiest way to make heartburn.Enter habit: after breakfast, lunch and dinner walk 15-20 minutes.Make it easy, and the effect is stunning!

controls MENU Salted, pickled, sour vegetables excluded from the diet, at least temporarily.We do not need you, and sweets.Especially dangerous biscuit treats, jams, sweet cream cakes.Fatty meats and fish, too, is not for you, as well as products with crude fiber (radish, onion, cabbage).Apples baked with honey.It is necessary to adjust your habits - and you feel that heartburn left you once and for all!

brew and drink!Gentle herbal decoction not only tones but also relieves heartburn.2 tbsp.spoon chamomile zaley 1/2 liters of boiling water and hold on low heat for 5 minutes.When the broth has cooled, his drink 100 ml three times daily before meals.

Therapy breakfast is included in the menu of foods that lower stomach acid (antacids doctors call them).Within a few days you'll feel better.Among your friends - boiled vegetables, low-fat sour cream, cottage cheese, meat, butter and vegetable oil.Eggs are good boiled.Prepare yourself and light steam omelettes.

Tatiana Didukh

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