High-quality anti-wear Teflon

custom made parts of PTFE to increase the service life of process equipment (especially exposed to abrasive media) in three - four times.

known that the main focus of corrosion in the chemical industry is to protect the metal.In spite of the continuous improvement of the quality of plastics and composites, most now operated technological equipment is still made of metal.

products of PTFE have a high wear resistance.How this material improves the quality of the units, improving machine elements such as bearings, liners and cuffs have seen thousands of customers' ECO-RTI-Holding ".Among them, first of all chemical and engineering enterprises, which, thanks to the quality of fluoroplastic were able to reduce the cost of repairing the compressors, machine tools and all kinds of friction units.

Regarding the hardness of products, then the Teflon polymer exceeds even use before detonation spraying on the piston rods.Based on the polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene manufacture fluoroplastic provides it exceptional hardness of Brinell 40 MPa and substantially zero porosity.As a result of a chemical process, a material density of 2200 kg / cm3, which, under a scanning electron microscope the structure has a convex surface.This slightly rounded surface is in stark contrast to the concave edges of the structure with typical wear unstable materials.

Filled PTFE is one of the few polymers which can be made from the elements of centrifugal pumps.The advantage of the latter in comparison with analogues of metal (with face insulated coating) is to eliminate differences in the values ​​of thermal expansion of the lining and metal.Distributors, redistributors and seals - internal fittings - also protect the application of fluoropolymer compounds.

Sealed seams, tape FCMs and trouble-free operation.

blanks made of fluorocarbon membranes, gaskets and O-rings, the operation of which does not actually require preventive and emergency maintenance.It is notable not only to achieve a high hardness of Brinell 20-25 units higher than the hardness of other commercially available materials.Along with zero water absorption PTFE rod or plate is playing a significant role in reducing the abrading capacity in relation to the oppositely moving surfaces.

In contrast, various composites with a concave microstructure, rings and bushings of polytetrafluorethylene not wear by chipping than retain minimum friction stability.In addition, the strength and reliability of certain joints, gaps and overlapping fasteners can only provide tape FUM created from Teflon harness to seal hydraulic connections.Also, buy a tape FUM seek to protect the mounting holes with low vapor diffusion and gas.