How to recover a document Word - practical tips

How to recover a document Word, which did not manage to save time?Surely the vast majority of Windows users are periodically faced with the problem of unsaved suddenly lost information.

especially frustrating when it comes to the important text documents.Today you have spent a lot of forces in the final part of the course work, and tomorrow to carry her supervisor?To you it's inspiration, and you have written a truly elegant article?Did you do a quarterly report to his boss and did not have time to "save"?In any case, the problem of lost text document extremely unpleasant.Whether the matter is private inattention, blackouts or burned-out computer.Here at this very moment any of us at least once in their lives and I wondered how to restore the document Word.In fact, to solve this problem is quite simple.So do not panic, the recovery of documents - is not the most complex procedure, your priceless texts regain life.So, there are a number of ways, but we will not touch ingenious.Not everyone has the time and inclination to disassemble complex schemes.Consider just three of the most simple of them.

How to recover a document Word.Option One

In the upper left corner of a blank document open "File" menu, then choose the command "Open" and find a lost file.Then we click on the icon on the right "Open file location" and the newly dropped menu, select the command "Open and Repair."In this part of the users are satisfied.Most often, the text is restored.However, this method is not always suitable.Because of impaired encoding file will be opened, but can remain unreadable.

How to recover a document Word.Option Two

If you could not restore the file the above method, you can still try to find intermediate copy of the file on your computer.To do this we need to open the "Start" menu, select the task "Search" and try to find the files with the extension "wbk".The fact is that during your work with the editor of Word creates backups and saves them on drive C. If the file is found, try to run it through the Word.Maybe this will help.

How to recover a document Word.Option Three

If wbk-search and document helped rescue information, then the easiest way is to turn to a search engine and find one of the free utilities designed just for restoring documents.We call these three simple programs: Word Repair Free, Repair My Word, Office FIX.These tools do not require installation.When you start any of them, they will be asked to specify a file you want to "revive" and when the result will be given.It will be a list of names from which you need to choose the right.

So that similar problems do not arise in the future, the most sensible way - is to set up your Microsoft Word on automatic saving.Often, this will help in the future to avoid questions about how to restore the Word-documents.And even if not completely solve all the problems, but in future they will smooth substantially.