How to install the game on "Android" - the popular ways of

If you are the lucky owner of the phone, on which the operating system "Android", then you definitely need to understand how to install the game.Immediately it should be noted that the installation of a program on "Android" in the same way as the installation of games, so if you understand at least one question, at once master and second.All games in the "Android" have an extension .apk.Most of them are installed without cache memory, but for some it is needed.

How to install the game on "Android" no cache

1. The easiest way - to set the games using the application "Android Market."This program is installed automatically.You just go into it and to find the right type in the name of the game.The main advantage of this method - all games are updated automatically, that is when a new version of the game, your phone automatically downloads and installs it.

2. Install on your mobile phone application InstallAPK.This utility allows you to install applications in sync «HTC Sync».If you are installing the game this way, remember that it will not be updated automatically!

3. Another answer to the question of how to install the game on "Android" - using a standard browser.You fold phone file with the extension .apk, then run any browser and registers it in the path of the application.Around it looks like this: the memory card / DestName / ImyaProgrammy.apk.Now press the "enter" - the installation begins.

4. Install games on "Android" with the computer in the following way.First you download any file manager.Then fold the right application to the memory card of the phone.Using the file manager installed find the application and select the item "Install Software".

5. A completely new way to install - using the application Android Market Web Store.Install this application may be only those who have an account Google.When you enter the application, locate the game, download and install."Android Market vebstor" is very similar to a simple "Android Market", so many do not see the difference between these applications.

How to install the game on "Android" that use the cache

1. Connect your phone to your computer or insert a memory card into the card reader.Create a folder with the game, it is copied in the cache.The file with an extension .apk games can be copied to any folder on the memory card.Then simply install the application .apk.

2. Download the application .apk.Turning off the Internet and install it.After a complete installation includes wi-fi and pumps a cache.Once the download is complete, you can start playing.

3. Well, the easiest way - "Android Market."Just go to the app, choose a game and swing.The cache is automatically installed.

We hope that by reading this article, you figured out how to install the game on "Android".Once again, the easiest and most convenient way - to set the games through the "Android Market."But there are some interesting applications are paid while they hacked the Internet, so you can install them without spending a dime.Rock the most interesting games and enjoy them!