How to make a presentation in PowerPoint: several options, of which you were unaware

PowerPoint - one of the standard package of software Microsoft.At a basic level, all know how to use it.However, when it comes to something more complex, as a rule, we begin to look for other programs, take the time to find them and get used to, and sometimes even pay money for the license.Meanwhile, using the means of most ordinary PowerPoint, you can create a real 'candy'!So, how to do a presentation in PowerPoint?

Implementing sound

quality presentation with appropriate soundtrack produces a much more impressive and better remembered, because it affects to several human senses.You can apply for a presentation or speaker's voice, for example, to make sure that each new slide opened with a melodic sound.How to make a presentation in PowerPoint c voice acting?To begin, place the desired file into the folder with the presentation (otherwise when transferring presentation file to another device, the sound disappears).Then select the menu item "Insert - & gt;Movies and sound - & gt;Sound from File ").You can also add sounds from the finished library PowerPoint Media Gallery.You can specify how the sound should be played: During a slide show or more, automatically or on click.So we learned how to do a PowerPoint presentation with sound.Go ahead?

Image Editing Functionality

latest version of the program allows the process used to edit the presentation images: crop, add effects, simulating a pencil sketch, drawing oil, pastel or watercolor, mosaic, etc.It is also possible to get rid of the background, and other spare parts of the image.It is very convenient because it does not need to use additional graphics editors.Each image on the slide can be given any effect.For example, they may turn to travel from different sides of the screen.

Introduction Video

How do PowerPoint presentation with sound, we have already dealt with.However, you can embed a file, not only images or music, but also videos!In the latest versions of PowerPoint are inserted into the video portion of the file.That is no problem associated with the lost video files will not arise.Plus, with tools PowerPoint, you can carry out installation of video, add various effects to it, perform the simultaneous imposition of text, etc.

New fonts

Unfortunately, the standard fonts installed on computers special beauty can not boast.However, if you are looking for ways to make Power Point presentation 2007 or other versions of the program even more beautiful, this information may be useful to you.So you download and install on your computer a beautiful font.However, if this file is not on a different device, the presentation will not be displayed correctly.To solve this problem is to embed the font in the presentation file itself.When you save a file, select "Tools - & gt;Save Options "and check the box next to the item" Implement Fonts TrueType ยป.Keep in mind that this method will work only for a font of this type and size of the presentation on the disk after several such innovations will increase.

What should be the perfect presentation?

  • informative.
  • clarity.
  • taciturn.
  • helpful.
  • quickly.

Follow these 5 points, and create a Power Point presentation top class for you to be easier than it has ever been!