What is the height of ceilings in Stalin's homes?

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Apartments in Stalin's homes are spacious and have a very comfortable layout.And in our time, the real estate market, they are in great demand.There are several groups of buildings, housing which can vary in size and some other parameters.This article will talk in detail about what the height of the ceilings in Stalin's homes, as can be the rooms in this apartment, and so on. D.

little history

build such structures began in the late 30s of the last century.Typical buildings in our country began to be erected immediately after the revolution.However, initially it was the usual barracks, completely devoid of amenities.The apartments were not even baths.Such dwellings were erected mostly of brick.

little later, when the country was more or less recovered after the war, in the elite areas of cities began to build multi-storey buildings with a convenient layout, large bath, shower, kitchen and bathroom.It is these homes today and is called "Stalin."As a rule, such buildings are plastered on the outside, but inside are a large hall.

Later, in the 50s, Stalin began to build houses, apartments that were slightly lower than before the square.They usually erect brick.At the same time we began to build houses and other projects.Currently, they are called the building "Stalinist."Design them so convenient.

And after some time, along with the three varieties of "stalinok" began to build, and a fourth - prefabricated houses.They were considered experimental, but the apartments in them have a large area and very convenient layout.

Height in Stalin's homes: how many meters?

Today, housing in such buildings, as in the beginning of the last century, extraordinarily expensive, popular and belongs to the elite.The expression "Stalin-era building" is known not only to the older generation, but also the youth.Reliability homes, convenience apartments, as well as the special charm and history - that's what attracts potential buyers.

Height in Stalin's homes may vary.In some cases it reaches even 4.5 m.But never less than 3 m. The last option - the most common.Also often in such apartments have ceiling height of 3.5 m.

Features apartments

other distinctive features of these units are:

  • presence speakers.
  • Separate rooms.In most cases, they can be from 2 to 4. One bedroom stalinki very rare.
  • large area.Spacious premises in virtually all of the apartments, including a hallway, kitchen and bathroom.The latter may be either separate or combined.

What area can have an apartment

Height in Stalin's homes is considerable and, as already mentioned, while the apartments in them can have a very large area:

  • bedroom - 32-50 m2.
  • bedroom - from 44 to 65 m2.
  • bedroom - from 60 to 80 m2.
  • Three - from 80 to 120 m2.

Design features the buildings themselves

So what height ceilings in Stalin's homes, we are found.But spaciousness not only their dignity.From whatever material the walls may be made of these structures, their thickness is always significant.This is caused by good sound insulation and comfort in winter.Partitions and interior walls are also usually made of bricks.With regard to the ceilings, in most of them concrete.However, there are buildings with wood.In this case, citizens have to shoot the old boards and joists and make concrete screed.

Door and window openings in such buildings are also much wider than in the Khrushchev.When this door never are too close to each other.The ceiling in the Stalin house is often decorated with plaster moldings.

On the landing is usually located 2-3 apartments.Because all construction in the Stalinist buildings fit together very tightly, the rooms are never drafts.Usually stalinkas has its own boiler room.

building looks massive Stalinist buildings and reliable.Almost each of them has a balustrade.Sometimes, there are exterior columns or statues.Some of the houses are decorated with elite projects pinnacles.The roof structure of Stalin's homes often pitched, and so the owners of apartments on the upper floors have a great opportunity to the optional attic.Elevators and garbage chutes in such buildings there.

Stalinist skyscrapers

height of Stalin ceilings, a huge area of ​​the apartments, the presence of all sorts of "old" elements in the interior and exterior of such structures can not but impress.However, even more grandiose buildings of early Soviet era are monumental multi-storey high-rise - one of the attractions of our capital.They were built in the late 50-ies of the last century.Such notable buildings in Moscow seven, although initially intended to build eight.Most of the high-rise located in groups of three.Construction was carried out on the orders of Stalin.Hence their name.Bookmark all of these buildings was held to celebrate the 800 anniversary of Moscow.These high-rise - the real Stalin's "height", a monument to the Soviet past, which is unlikely when it comes back.

One of the buildings, unfortunately, did not have to finish.At the moment, the foundation stands on its well-known throughout the hotel "Russia".In 2006, "Home-system" has been developed and implemented the project of modern high-rise buildings in the style of Stalin.So now these eight buildings in the capital.

location and features facilities

  • hotel "Ukraine".It is the second highest skyscraper Moscow.Its construction was completed in 1957.In 2010 it was restored.Its height with a spire is 206 meters.
  • building of Moscow State University.The height of the Stalinist skyscraper, built in 1953 - 240 meters.Number of floors - 36. This is the highest of the seven high-rise building.Initially it was supposed to install rooftop statue of Lomonosov.However, Stalin decided that all, without exception, should be just high spiers.
  • Skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment.
  • building of the Russian Foreign Ministry.A characteristic feature of this high-rise is the emblem of the USSR, set on the main spire.To finish this building was in 1953.Its height is 172 m with the spire.
  • Hotel "Leningrad."The height of the building - 117 m. It is located on Komsomolskaya Square, next to the three stations, and probably know almost all Russians.
  • building on an area of ​​the Red Gate.This house has a height of 138 meters and 24 floors.
  • House on the Square "Uprising."The height of this high-rise buildings - 156 meters.This is not a hotel and not a state institution.Here live the rich Muscovites.A total of 462 apartment building.

Stalinist skyscrapers in other cities and countries

This attraction has not only in Moscow.We construct high-rise buildings such as:

  • Latvia.This magnificent building of the Academy of Sciences.
  • in the Polish capital - the Palace of Science and Culture.
  • Chelyabinsk.This building State University.
  • in Kiev.The hotel "Ukraine".
  • Prague.Hotel Crowne Plaza.
  • Bucharest - house press.

Fuss 90

boom in housing in homes built in 30-50 years, took place in the 90s of the last century.Many Soviet citizens suddenly became rich, tired of tightness Khrushchev, ceiling height of Stalin's homes and a large area of ​​the apartments, of course, came to mind.New Russian businessmen have begun to buy such a house and reconstruct it.This obstacle is not even considered the need for the resettlement of communal apartments.Sometimes the new owners of the property repaired not only him but the whole staircase as a whole.

little later the hype ebbed.In the elite district of Moscow began to build new houses and a very convenient layout and a large area of ​​the room.However, until now apartments in old houses built 30-50 years are quite popular and are an elite.

Which is better - new or Stalin?

As for the cost apartments in the luxury homes of 30-50-ies and new virtually indistinguishable.Of course, after the purchase of housing in the new building is unlikely there is a need for additional repairs.The only thing that will likely need to do - is to replace plumbing.Contractors are very rare, even in high-end homes, establish quality.At the same stalinkas sell are usually wealthy citizens, the replacement will have to do hardly.

on the location and convenience of the court house and Stalin's almost no way inferior to a new building.They are usually located at a great distance from each other.Therefore, nothing is covering the sun, whose rays easily penetrate into the premises.Sami yards unusually cozy and different non-standard layout.The area around these homes, as a rule, landscaped, and there are a number of avenues in which you can walk with children.

Features redevelopment Stalinist apartment

What is the height in Stalin's homes (ceiling) we are found.The history of history, but of course, if desired, in a home can make alterations and modern.Due to the large area and high ceilings, Stalin apartments are just a wide field for the manifestation of creative ideas of designers.If desired, such an apartment can be turned into just a fairy-tale palace.

Typically, the new owners of Stalin's apartment to add even more space demolished several partitions.Five-room or four-room dwelling may thus be transformed into a three- or two-bedroom.It is often used in these apartments overall interior elements, such as statues, columns and arches.Long corridors are often converted into a gallery and on the wide windowsills rooms bred true mini-greenhouse.

Since separated bathroom and toilet in Stalin's homes usually narrow barrier between them often being demolished.Thus arranged modern and spacious room.

Advantages and disadvantages Apartments in Stalin's homes

Let's summarize and see what all the same pros and cons Apartments in these homes, and whether to buy them.The advantages include primarily:

  • high level of thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Rationality and ease of planning.
  • large area rooms.
  • Height in Stalin's homes - another of their obvious advantage.
  • Thanks to the boiler room, at the request of the residents the house can be separated from the housing department.
  • durability of the structure.Currently these homes have not worked out a third of the resource.
  • Prestigious Stalinist housing will be more than one decade.

Of course, there have Stalin's homes and some disadvantages:

  • ceilings, in case if they are wooden, rot and fire.
  • no lift.
  • old aluminum wiring is not suitable for connecting a powerful modern appliances.It should be changed to copper.And this, of course, the additional costs.

So, we'll find out what the ceiling height of Stalin's homes.3-4.5 meters - this is certainly not a palace, but it's something.Comfort and convenience - these are the house in the beginning of the reliability of buildings - the middle of the last century.In our time, despite the remoteness of construction, Stalin's home still considered elite.And will remain so for a long time.