The area of ​​the United States: the size and characteristics

area of ​​the United States is so large that it allows the state ranks third in the world among countries with the most on large plots of land.Statistical calculations indicate the figure as high as 10 million sq. Kilometers.The United States just ahead of Russia and China, and continues to this list Canada - neighboring countries United States, an area that allows it to gain a foothold in fourth place.

should be noted that such an arrangement of the list is rather arbitrary, since it depends on certain selection criteria.For example, there are areas that still serve a stumbling block in relations between China and India.The controversial point is, and in the calculation of the land occupied by the United States.It is an island located in the Pacific Ocean and the West Indies.Depending on whether or not take them into account, and can vary substantially actual size USA.

Almost all states, namely 48, available 50 belonging to the United States, located in North America.The biggest of them - Alaska.It occupies more than 1.7 million sq. Kilometers and is separated from the main land the United States in Canada.In contrast, Rhode Island is the smallest.Its area is only 4 sq., wherein the drying does not take even three of them.The last staff who joined the United States, began to Hawaii, to which more than four thousand. Kilometers from the westernmost point of the continental United States.

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large area of ​​the United States led to a wide range of diverse features in the geography of the country and demonstrates the presence of all types of climate, although dominated by mostly moderate.The tropical climate can be felt only in South Florida, and even in Hawaii.Alaska is the northernmost state, has a polar climate, and the south-western part of the country abounds in deserts.

Great Plains exhibit semi-arid conditions, and California, located on the Pacific coast - Mediterranean.The area of ​​the United States, which is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, are often exposed to hurricanes and tornadoes.In the western part of the Great Plains are located rocky mountains, they placed a fan, expanding from north to south, reaching in Colorado (the eighth largest state in the US) in the height of 4300 km.

territory of the United States has one of the largest water systems in the world.It consists of the Mississippi, the Missouri and Jefferson, which flows through the middle part of the country, going from north to south.Their total volume allows this system to take 4th place in the list of the largest water systems of the planet.

As can be seen, a large area of ​​the US is causing the diversity of life conditions that (in conjunction with the desire for better living conditions) leads to a situation where large numbers of Americans forced to migrate permanently.According to preliminary estimates, the number of those who each year are removed from their seats, moving to other states, more than 5 million. People.

should be noted that the American nation is also one of the travelers in the world.A large number of Americans reside abroad, studying the world.The main areas for recreation are the islands of the Pacific and Europe.