For a party with six years!

Times change, the thirst for knowledge is increasing every year.And if a few years ago, children were usually students from seven years, it is now increasingly filled with Six-Year classes.

reasons for such an early thirst for knowledge more: strong preschool training on early development of social attitudes and beliefs of parents - all equally affects the timing of entering school.However, as before, and now, the student - Six-Year requires a completely different, more attention to yourself and your teaching.Here's why ...

Psychological readiness for school (PGSH)

It is this characteristic comes to the fore when the baby is ready to come to the first class.She, by the way, ahead of even the importance of knowledge and skills.

Firstly, PGSH determined by how the baby is ready to perceive the school environment, and do not confuse it with he garden.In other words, we are talking about the importance of the lack of infantilism inherent children at an earlier age.


in PGSH includes a certain level of stability / attention span and memory.In the event of failure of these factors, the normal child's learning much more difficult.

Psychological readiness for school has very interesting distribution.It does not appear to any fixed age and has individual character. However, long-term observation of children have shown that, and you probably heard, the boys 'ripen' later girls.That is to say, pretty baby with bows can go to school and six, and some clever even in five and a half years.Boy for the time being more usual unhurried development, and they are often ready for school burden, starting with the seven, and even eight years.

Alas, these features are not always ready to take into account the parents, and do not always take into account teachers. Lack notorious PGSH can result in learning difficulties, overload of the nervous system, loss of motivation and training, as a consequence, problems with behavior and attitudes in the classroom.That said, a decision on the school for six year old child should reconsider several times.


Well, if your beloved child has chosen a school backpack with their favorite television characters, and you have school uniforms Iron-on transfer, then your family began a new life is a very important step.Congratulations!Like any other child, Six-Year need to get used to the new honorary status of first-graders.The main components of school adaptation of the child are the physiological and psychological characteristics.And it will require all your attention.Observing simple, but strict rules, school "rookie" quickly joins the team, get rid of stress and unnecessary strain and will be able to use their own intellectual resources to the maximum.

adaptation rules for the six-year student

- Strict adherence to the day. school children need to build such a regime in which the burden would be alternated with rest and sleep was given enough time.Thus, doctors and psychologists recommend lifting for an hour and a half before going to school, eat no later than 7:30 am and lights out no later than 21:00 pm.

also children six or seven very important day vacation.It helps to restore the nervous system and learn (!) Accumulated during lessons new knowledge.For this reason, absolutely do not neglect the daytime sleep.And, even if the dream "arrives not" enough to lie down with eyes closed at least thirty minutes.You will understand what effect ...

- Balanced nutrition and foods rich in vitamins Group B - neurostimulator - to help the child to remain level-headed, tired and not well "seize" material.

- The absence of television background , dosage, and the more animated computer load solve the problem of fatigue and irritability.

- Good children's literature and music, cheer up the young schoolboy, a positive charge and the forces on school achievements.

- Finally, and most importantly, parental reactions and emotions regarding the child's education or able to work a miracle or instill an aversion to learning for life.

We, adults, have to be careful with the estimates.Be prepared for the fact that the child will need your help and extra attention.Praise for success, explain the situation, where necessary, a soft "educational" push - all it's just good.But about "hassle" and impatience must be forgotten.

- Help your dear student to feel satisfaction and joy from school days help small and holidays .Ice-cream on Fridays, the zoo or water park at the weekend trip to visit and small surprises.

Give each other positive emotions every day, and will study for five-plus!

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