Production cooperatives

company - is an entity that is created under the legislation for the provision of services, production, performing any work in order to meet the needs of society and profit.

There are some organizational and legal forms:

1. Partnership (full, limited partnership).

2. Company (joint stock companies, additional liability, limited liability company).

3. Production cooperatives.

4. Unitary enterprise.

production cooperative - association of persons established in order to jointly conduct a business, which is based on their personal labor participation.The initial capital is composed of shares of each of the participants.Production cooperatives shall consist of five or more people.However, they may not have the status of individual entrepreneurs.

initial contributions of all members of the cooperative does not have to be equal.However, in dealing with the various issues they have the same rights.Profit distribution is carried out in accordance with their labor participation.In the event of co-op, each member is only entitled to payment of share (down payment).

Production cooperatives have the following management system:

  • general meeting;
  • Supervisory Board;
  • executive body (board chairman).

Production cooperatives give their members the right to withdraw from it or to transfer your personal share to another member of the cooperative.Transmission unit to a third party is carried out only with the consent of the general meeting.

expelled from the cooperative can only failing their duties.In addition, it can only make the general meeting.

One of the most common varieties of these organizations is the Agricultural Cooperative.His work is based on personal labor participation of each member for the purpose of production, processing and / or marketing of agricultural products.

supreme body is the general meeting.This fee shall be equal to 10% of the share.The remaining sum is paid during the year.Profit, formed as a result of an agricultural cooperative, payable to the members, depending on the degree of labor force participation.At the same time (according to the law) at least half of the work must be carried out precisely the members of the cooperative.

a widespread organizational form of a unitary enterprise.These distinctive features in the first place it is necessary to include the fact that their property (state or municipal) in no way divided.

unitary enterprise headed by the head.This may be a director or CEO.It assigns the owner or authorized body.The head of the sole executive body and acts on the basis of an employment contract entered into with him.His responsibilities include the following:

  • contracts;
  • opening of bank accounts;
  • issuance of powers of attorney;
  • preparation of orders for employees;
  • organization Implementation of the owner of the enterprise.

Due to the fact that the property of the unitary state or municipal enterprises, the law limits their rights and opportunities.This is done in order to avoid various abuses.

Unitary enterprises can not be (according to the current legislation) members of credit institutions.Participate in the activities of commercial, non-profit organizations, as well as to dispose of property has a right to the head only with the consent of the owner.