Anthropogenic pollution - what's that?

processes of globalization and progress left an indelible mark not only on the Earth's inhabitants, but also on the rest of our lives.In this article we will talk about such a thing as man-made pollution.

On the concept

Primarily necessarily have to deal with the term itself, so no problems to understand what is involved.So, anthropogenic pollution - is the damage that man inflicts nature.These are contaminants that are a consequence of human activity.They come in two basic types.

  1. Pollution various materials (debris).
  2. Pollution different energy (ionizing radiation, magnetic fields, appliances, radiant heat).About


we consider further such a thing as man-made pollution.It is the human impact on the biosphere (ie. E. Sphere of life).This is due to human consumption throughout his life primary production.The consequences of anthropogenic (ie. E. A human) influences can be considered as primary (the formation of debris) and secondary (that synthesized human substances that are foreign to all natural ecosystems).Considering the concept of man-made pollution, it is necessary to consider a term such as anthropogenic load.This is the value of both direct and indirect human impact on nature as a whole and its various components, in particular.It would be awesome fact: scientists have shown that about every 10-15 years, anthropogenic pressure on the biosphere strictly increasing.

Anthropogenic sources of air pollution

understand the concepts of "man-made pollution" (this is the damage that is a consequence of human activity, a negative impact on the environment), we should also find out what there is the most basic and the main sources of air pollution.The greatest harm to exert the combustion of various fuels, which are based on different oil or petroleum products, as well as coal, gas, shale, peat and even firewood.And if a person is unable to pollute the air too, that's fine do various enterprises, especially thermal power plants, which emit the greatest possible number of different impurities.It is also quite great harm causing transport, use different types of fuel, the use of waste is consistently released into the air, polluting it.It is worth saying that such substances in living organisms have no immunity or a specific protective layer that generates a plurality of various allergic reactions, diseases, and in some cases even death.Agriculture is also harmful to the atmosphere, but it happens in small quantities and regionally, and only if wisely not been established processing animal waste (usually unpleasant odors, which also have a negative impact not only on the purity of the air, and the totalcondition of the people).What can be concluded under this heading?So, anthropogenic pollution - these are the results of human activities that have a negative impact on the atmospheric layer, t. E. In the air.The maximum damage in this embodiment causes the industry.

Anthropogenic sources of water pollution

all probably know that water - it is the foundation of life on the planet.However, 97% of the cover of the planet - it's the water of the oceans.And only the rest - this is fresh water.Considering this, it is necessary to say that one person is available for only 7%, the rest - it is the glaciers and underground water.And knowing all mankind still manages to cause damage, and this, this important element of the cover of the Earth.The aquatic environment is increasingly being used as a place of discharge of various wastes.Often countries that have direct access to the sea, there to dump the waste industry, different household garbage, in fact - for chemicals and radioactive substances.What is a man-made pollution?This ("Avatar") answer to the question why there are all kinds of modern diseases, which today gets people.These are wastes which, penetrating into the water, changing it, and then enter the human body and gradually destroy it.

water changes

It is said that as a result of anthropogenic pollution, water can be subjected to primary, secondary and tertiary changes.

  1. Primary.Arise from direct exposure to water contaminants.
  2. Secondary.It results from an interaction between chemicals.
  3. Tertiary.Changes arising from the first two types.

main polluters of water

So, what is a man-made pollution?This ("Avatar" - a game, ask the same question of his players) water pollution, which are caused by man.It should also consider, what today are the main anthropogenic pollutants of water?So, first of all it is acidic and alkaline rains that did not dead one unleavened pond.It is also harmful particles which settle in water from the atmosphere, thus polluting it.Inflicts damage and various waste water: both household and industrial.Particular danger not only to soil, but also to represent the various water disposal of industrial waste.

Anthropogenic soil contamination

consider further the theme of "Anthropogenic pollution."This ("Avatar") response to the numerous questions about various diseases of people.It is not surprising, because a person manages to not only pollute the air and water, but also the soil, from which then receives a variety of foods.It is said that the permanent contamination of soil Earth religiously leads to their degeneration.Soils are being phased out and give fruit harvest, they can not clean itself (too high load) and constantly degraded.As a result, pollution is gradually changing the chemical composition of the soil, temperature and humidity, also violates the aeration.

main polluters of soil

are investigated further in the issue of "man-made pollution - what is this?".So, we should also consider what is the main cause of soil pollution.For example, you can allocate more of the following items:

  • acid rain that strictly lead to soil salinity;
  • industrial effluents and waste, which fall to the ground;
  • waste industries: food, light, woodworking and so on. Etc .;
  • urban areas are polluted by industrial waste, pesticides, various organic substances.

It is said that this is not the whole, but the main list of the substances that pollute the soil as a result of anthropogenic impacts.

simple conclusion

So, a small output.What is anthropogenic pollution?This influence on everything that surrounds a person, as a result of his own life.These are the negative changes that undergo water, soil and air due to people (who then also he himself uses).And so itself suggests the following conclusion: anthropogenic pollution - is the answer to all the modern new diseases that await us.The sooner humanity will understand it, the longer it will save your health and possibly even a normal life.