What itches lip?

Folk omens arose when people could not yet explain the nature of many things.For example, they did not know that the bird before the rain fly very low to catch insects.After all, the humidity, which can already be felt in the air, insects, aggravates their wings, and they can not fly high.Birds that hunt for them, while also flying low.Thus was born the sign: "The swallows fly low - to be rain."And as there are signs, which are associated with itching of a particular region of the human body: what itches lip, scratched his hands to anything, what itchy nose tip, and so on.Scientists have long discovered many laws of nature and of human existence, but the signs do not go away from our lives.Moreover, many of us are willing to believe them, try to observe the ancient rituals and ceremonies.Most of them are associated with the world of good and evil spirits.

Signs associated with spirits

Our ancestors believed in spirits and bound them many signs.So, it is worth recalling the following ones:

• can not come back from halfway - on the doorstep waiting for ancestral spirits that can take good luck;

• before leaving, sit down on the track - to mislead the spirits who are trying to stop on the road;

• itchy lips - a kiss - spirits prepared assignation;

• it is not necessary to eat with a knife, otherwise you will become angry - angry spirits;

• can not take out the garbage out of the house after sunset - to appease the spirits of the night purity.

What itches the upper lip?

People have long noticed that the lips are not just itch.And even that important, what lip itches more.Definitely this question can be answered as follows: burning and itching lips - a kiss.Our ancestors were so talked about it: thinking, what is scratched upper lip - wait kissing a man.For women, this can mean a quick tryst.But for a man - coming a close male relative.

What itches lower lip?

A Have you ever, what is scratched lower lip?After all, it has a slightly different meaning.If you feel it is, you should know that you have to kiss in a short time with a woman or a child.Most likely, it will be friendly and not love kissing.If you have children and grandchildren - expect them to his guests.Your house will be filled with laughter and children's voices.What could be better than that?

lips itching - to the present?

necessary to mention that there is another meaning of the signs, it is not related to the first.At some point, you feel an itch in your mouth, and think about what itchy lips?A sign of this is as follows: expect goodies from relatives or close friends.Maybe you have already guessed who want to please you Presents?Or maybe you have to name day celebration in a circle of your family and friends?Then it is understandable why the itching your lips.You are so looking forward to getting kisses and congratulations from your loved ones and are willing to accept them gifts and souvenirs.Thus, we have learned, what is scratched lip.Whether to believe this omen or not - your business.But admit it, so nice to expect kisses his beloved, or a long-awaited gift from anyone!Perhaps it is waiting and will attract those pleasant moments in your life.