How to make an arrangement with their hands bath

The benefits of saunas have long been saying - believe that the human body is subjected to steam treatment, not just cleaned, causing the body through sweating gets rid of toxins.In addition, visits to the bath ensures good health and significantly enhances immunity.

Besides, if bath is located outside the city, near a lake or forest, it will become not only a means for quenching and washing, but also a great place to relax.And today we want to tell you a bit about how to carry out improvement baths with their hands, which is very interesting and informative.

Requirements furnace

bath bath can be considered only when it has a stove.Often the "heart" of the pair is called the furnace-heater.It is needed for intensive heating of the stones, which subsequently will retain heat in your steam room.And if you plesnete heated stones on a little water, then get dry steam.Also, this oven will heat the water that you use when visiting the baths.

conventional ovens in bathhouses run on coal or wood, and among wood is best to choose birch, as they impact on the most high-calorie heat.Of course, in some cases, producing arrangement baths, ovens used for gaseous and liquid fuels.Moreover, increasingly started to use electrically heated furnace, especially in a sauna.

steam technology warming

If you want your bath was warm, we recommend that you insulate it from the inside.Often, in this pair of wood used insulation (expanded polystyrene, mineral wool), paper, plastic wrap or foil.

On the walls of the sauna usually create so-called "cake."To do this, initially constructing wooden crate, and then at her nails or staples attached foil.This layer will be good to reflect heat and creating a "thermos effect".

next layer is put a film or foil, which will protect the insulation from condensation and prevent mold growth.The third layer, place a paper that will filter the air, then a synthetic insulation and a wooden frame.

Warming ceiling

If you want to make a qualitative improvement baths inside, be sure to insulate the ceiling of the steam room from the loft.To do this, it is necessary to upholster paneling film or foil, and then cover the entire area of ​​the ceiling polystyrene, mineral wool and expanded clay thickness of not more than 3 cm. Thereafter, insulation or roofing felt covered with foil.

doing yourself a bath arrangement, it is also important to insulate the floor by placing between the subbase and the finished floor heat insulator.Often used for this purpose polystyrene plates, which are laid on the waterproofing cover the reinforcing mesh and concrete poured.

In the steam room is used for flooring grid shelves made of wood.Sami floors should have a slight slope so that water can freely flow to the drain.Likewise make floors and in the shower.


very important, producing arrangement bath made of wood, well protect the wiring from heat, steam and moisture.Initially, you need to calculate the output current, considering all the used instruments lighting.Make sure that the section of the cable used is fully in line with the power it has double insulation and wires must be routed necessarily in closed boxes.

Features interior decoration

Construction bath is impossible without taking into account the purpose of each room, as in most cases it is divided into 4 zones: recreation room, washing room, steam room and a dressing room.To finish changing room used bunk or board thickness will be about 2 cm. Among the selected wood cedar, birch, aspen, fir, spruce and pine, because these breeds have a pleasant aroma, no tar and tolerate moisture.

materials pair

best material for finishing the zone serves as lime, but in some cases you can use the board from another tree.It is important that the evaporation which are allocated to them under the influence of temperature, did not contain a variety of chemical impurities.Therefore, you can not use a tree with antiseptic.

Construction of the washing compartment

Pro finished arrangement bath can say when it will be fully built washing compartment, which can be finished with tiles, natural stone or wood.Note that the tree should have good moisture resistant qualities, resistance to rot, and you can use any tile: ceramic, marble or granite.Often, in the bath has a metal surface and elements that need to sink as much as possible in a tree to avoid burns.

A good bath is considered to be an important attribute of the pool, which helps to quickly freshen up and cool down after a stay in the good guys for a long time, which is very useful for health.After a sharp drop in temperature, which contributes to the cooling water, can be an excellent exercise for the capillaries and blood vessels.Also, the water closes the pores after the adoption of a hot bath.

As you can see, is quite difficult to make arrangement bath.Photos you can see in this article, and then make your own.But, you see, it is very nice to relax in the sauna, where everything is made with your own hands!