As the morning to be beautiful

Unfortunately, with age, the morning in the mirror is no longer fun.Wrinkles clearly outlined, bags under the eyes, swelling, and the complexion is far from peach freshness ... What to do: and start the day with a bad mood and thoughts about the approaching old age and still pull yourself together and with the help of simple cosmetic procedures lead personorder to look your best ?!

How to restore skin color and freshness

Let's start from the skin.On the morning of our skin usually looks more pale than at any other time of day, and, it's not in the age and moderation of all processes in the night, that is, the blood just pours from his face.So do not tell immediately make-up, and loans to other procedures morning.After an hour and a half, you will see that the color of your face recovers by itself.

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to wait for the morning, then washing with cold soda water quickly returns skin and color and blush.You can use cosmetic ice: always keep in the freezer frozen broth chamomile, lime and green tea.Rubbing the face of ice cubes from a decoction of herbs, you can immediately achieve the desired effect.

Do not be sad at the sight of wrinkles

Yes, immediately after lifting the wrinkles seem more visible.This is because during sleep there is a reduction of moisture in the surface layers of the skin.This is especially noticeable in winter, when warm radiators, and the air is too dry.The same effect can happen, and by constantly running the air conditioner.What to do in such cases?

Firstly, if you begin to notice dehydrated skin, it is a signal that it's time to apply to the skin night cream.The second thing you can do - is to buy a humidifier and turn it on for the night.

And to solve the problem immediately wrinkles in the morning, use sera.Located in its composition of matter quickly smooths the skin and optically smooth wrinkles.But note that the serum should be applied to the day cream.

And as a final touch - a drawing of a tonal framework for make-up.If you have a pinkish skin, your shades of tonal resources - beige and apricot, and Darkie and owners of yellowish skin more suitable pink shades.

get rid of edema

From morning edema will help you get rid of cold compresses and rubbing on the eyelids of coffee or green tea.About cosmetic ice we have said, and the compression fit cotton pads, well saturated with green tea or brewed coffee (not soluble!).

And doing makeup, use pencil shadows and gray-green or olive shades.This makeup will hide visually removes redness and eye fatigue.

But to look equally well in the morning and the afternoon and evening, the most important thing to do treatments for a regular and full-fledged.Then you'll look better and slow down aging, and in the morning you will not be to turn away from the mirror.

Dubinin Tamara

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