As meticulously as a person

picky as the quality of the individual - the tendency to bring to the man claims excessive demands on any trifling and petty matter, inflate some blunders and errors to the level invariable toiletries, property of his nature, to give them too much importance.

picky person - is programmed for constant injections syringe.Daughter of discontent - fault-finding to emerge brighter, using an arsenal of tools at hand - accusations, reproaches, reproaches, comments, criticism and condemnation.As usually petty, notorious and resentful, she in retaliation for their complexes, insults and nagging weakness of each post.The only exceptions are certain types of life and especially the extreme situation where the fault-finding older experienced person is appropriate and necessary.Behind such fault-finding - the life and health of people.

For example, any military rests on discipline, so it is difficult to do without fault-finding.In one of the military unit was a company of soldiers which is the standard of discipline and cleanliness, though the Mausoleum of Lenin sent.See the wonder-commander wanted the commander himself.Meeting the delegation left the company commander - senior lieutenant Golopupenko.Conspicuous pudovye his fists threateningly advanced jaw, narrow forehead and a sharp, piercing eyes gimlet eye.Going to the commander, he immediately said to him: "Tie correct.To fasten the buttons of his uniform. "General puzzled looked at the regimental commander.He instantly jumped to the commander and whispered in his ear: "Quickly, do what the company commander said.He does not repeat twice. "

picky - is a consequence of suppressed negative emotions.As a rule, fault-finding are four sources of emotions - anger, shame, fear and gloom or sorrow, sadness.A person who is a long time under the influence of negative emotions, exposing themselves to danger, because negativity destroys health.We will not spoil the mood by listing those diseases that are associated with long-term neighborhood man with negative emotions.At the same time, the man is not a robot, it does not protect from the manifestation of the entire spectrum of emotions - both positive and negative.Twisted occupation - to suppress negative emotions.This means - to drive the destructive trouble inside.Negative emotions need not overwhelm, and cultural show.Anger is not a pillow to smother.If a person is on the path of containment of negative emotions, it turns into a producer of psychological blocks.

picky - is a psychological block that is based on the suppressed negative emotions and, therefore, does not allow to show love.The root of evil is hidden here.Picky - failure to show love for the goods of suppressed emotions.How can a wife show love to my husband, if it has accumulated irritation to him for scattered clothes, described the toilet seat, "hairy" legendary soap and socks?The more stimulation, the more fault-finding unit covers the possibility of manifestation of love.

picky - a wedge for the manifestation of love.Psychological block faultfinding jam any manifestations of affection, for calls on both sides protest the state of the false ego.The husband finds fault with his wife through the criticism of its actions.For example, a lot, and not rational squandered the money, in a word, accuses her of extravagance.Meticulously loves the word "as always", "never", "Well, what else should be expected from you," "your family", "your mother."These words - red rag to a false ego: "Do not trust your money - says the husband - Always squandered on-shmantsy trenches.Disorderly, like your mother.All your little family so only about themselves and think.What else would expect from a woman whose mother - a big spender, and his father - a glutton? "After this introduction false ego wife is not something that woke up and started and spilled out the words:" I will not talk about your little family, about your crazy mama.alcoholic - dad, bandits - brothers and prostitutes - sisters.I say nothing.I nobler you.I'm not so petty and greedy bastard like you. "It is clear that after such a "sweet talk" about any love until you make peace, there can be no question.

picky - is the voice of the discontented, dissatisfied feeling.Feelings - a tentacle mind.Without them nothing, but problems with them.They have insatiable nature: "Come again, but only better."They are not satisfied as insatiable, unbridled Messalina.What they do not serve - they always graze mind, exposing more and more new requirements.In relationships, they go through four stages - hunger, satiety, satiety and disgust.At the stage of starvation, they keep quiet.For example, a man met a woman and rapidly developing relations.We sense there is no reason to find fault, they suffer and waiting in the wings.Especially trembling with anticipation of pleasure sense of touch, that it is related to tactile sensations.Sated, feelings begin to grumble: "Tired.Give something straight from the tin or use what you have in a new way.In short, think of something, because we want something such unusual. "The man, obedient to the mind begins to find fault with a woman, that is, to show discontent, saying: "Well, what are you lying like dead in a coffin?Hey!Downstairs!You were not asleep? ยป

picky husband, as it is not and it is not - a signal of infidelity in the feelings and behavior of a bitter fruit of adultery, the wife handed.I am thinking about another woman or not just thinking, but also directly talking to her husband moving away from his wife and children.When it comes to adultery, everyone in the family it becomes annoying, and as a consequence, there are endless nitpicking on every occasion.By faultfinding samoopravdatsya husband tries to find those responsible for his behavior.Conscience, if it persists, he says: "I'm sorry you are," but to accept the truth of those words hurt.Much easier to blame the wife of his sins.Some reach the point of absurdity, remembering that twenty years ago, before the marriage she was a man.Having persuaded themselves, the husband starts to be picky.The family goes to the back.

picky - is a consequence of depression, unrealized shame, fear, anger and sadness.As a critical frame of mind to loved ones and to all event, fault-finding is not willing to accept their imperfections.For example, to be ashamed of - means to recognize its imperfections, whether it looks, professional competence, personal qualities or state of mind.We must be objective and to convince myself that all people are imperfect.The meaning of our existence in the world is precisely in the development of his mind, in self-consciousness.If I have a long nose, this circumstance may bite, but simple-minded foolish person.Is it worth it because of this upset, ashamed and, as a result, disrupt his bad temper in the form of chicanery to loved ones.A reasonable person would be interested in my inner world, and the surface snob - the nose and other foreign tinsel.It is necessary to look into the man himself, to discover these four negative emotions, to realize that they are the result of previously committed unworthy, ignoble acts disturbing the conscience, to make them ease and a miracle happens - Dragon meticulously devoid of feeding, die from exhaustion.