Hygiene certificate: Why and how to get it

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Hygiene Certificate is a document provided by the legislation.It shows that the type of activity, product or technical specifications (TS) correspond to the existing sanitary rules and hygienic standards.It is issued at the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological institutions examination specifications, product manufacturing conditions.Sanitary-hygienic certificate can only be obtained after the tests and providing a specific set of documents.Currently, there are three types of document: the type of activity (catering, trade and so on. N.), For the products to specifications.

Hygiene certificate must be obtained without fail.If the object (process) is not included in the list defined by the normative act of the state, it can be obtained voluntarily.In the second case, the motivation to apply for this document is a desire to provide competitive advantages as compared to similar goods and services.However, today the distinction between mandatory and standard product nomenclature for certain positions is not entirely clear.One can assert boldly: All products with which people come into contact in everyday life, as well as food products must have a health certificate.In addition, there are things that expertise can only be federal agencies (dietary supplements, household cleaning products in the form of aerosols, medical products, etc.).

Get a health certificate can be for a period of 1 month.up to 5 years, the duration depends on several factors: the conditions of production, type of product, the information in the presented documents, the position of the person pending application.The examination is conducted with respect to products originating in the Russian Federation (new products or changing certain production conditions), imported from abroad, as well as the one at which expired issued earlier conclusions.

Hygiene Certificate is issued after the procedure, including the delivery of the application for registration, the establishment of the scope of the examination, the conclusion of the contract, the analysis of documents, the implementation of instrumental and laboratory tests, decision making, issuing opinions and entering it in the Register.The lists of official documents, provided the examination of domestic and imported goods, are different.Among these regulations, the certificate of registration, registration, regulations, technical instructions, acts of inspections, certificates and raw materials, a passport for goods, leases, contract to supply, etc.For foreign products all the documents the manufacturer (supplier) must be duly certified translation into Russian.

examination of objects with the study of the conditions of production takes place on a voluntary basis, if so requested by the applicant.Its result is a certificate for all manufactured products.Lists of documents provided by the applicant, may be supplemented and clarified in relation to specific products or made their organizations.On the territory of our country survey conducted by specialists of the Russian Federation gossanepidsluzhby.