Galkin and Pugacheva Castle in the village of Mud

Castle Galkina, the one in which the famous artist family nest platted with Alla Pugacheva, causing the townsfolk horrible curiosity!In fact, it seems that the locks - is increasingly so in England in any Scotland, in general - in Europe.And so in the heart of Mother Russia, someone built a brand new huge medieval building - such a miracle no one has ever seen before.I wonder why so soriginalnichat Maxim decided to build a castle and Galkin in "dirt"?

Children dream Maxim

A begins the story like this: "Once upon a time in the light of one artist, and he was a talented so, and because the famous and rich. And I was an artist's dream to live in a beautiful big castle with his betrothed. But once the lock is not, it means that it should take and build! Soon the fairy tale ... "Well, and so on.But seriously, then its appearance on the light castle Maxim Galkin, and the truth shall childhood dreams of the artist.

Maxim was born and brought up in a very intelligent educated family, always I read a lot and loved to learn.Perhaps the images and stories from childhood read historical novels and stories sank deep into the soul of the boy.He often had a dream in which he saw a beautiful knight's castle, standing on a hill.And when he grew up, the time has come to embody the children's dreams come true - build a castle Galkina.The artist in an interview told reporters that the place for the future of the building was found almost by accident.Just once he saw in reality hill that looked like a hair's breadth, as one of his childhood dreams.He saw and understood exactly where you need to build the walls of his fabulous castle.

Village "Dirt"

place that found Maxim was so beautiful and picturesque, that his name is not even scared of the local villages "Dirt."Now the village is famous.As soon begin to talk about the castle Galkina, so soon and its name is mentioned.But until recently, no one never heard of that kind of "dirt" in the world has this.

village with dissonant name is 5 km from the town of Zvenigorod.Incidentally, in the past, it was a slightly different name - "Upper Mud", and some even claim that the "Black Dirt".In XVIII-XIX centuries.the village belonged to Durnovo, and then passed into the possession of Tolstoy.Residents there was once a very small, only about 3 dozen serfs.Who - is another matter!The "dirt" the number of lattice 123 permanent residents.However, we do not know whether included in this number Pugacheva and Galkin.

history of construction and price

Castle Maxim Galkin began to be built since the mid-2000s.Rumor has it that once this place was an old manor house.But with my own eyes one of the locals have not seen her since she had long since collapsed.At first he liked Maxim bought a piece of land, and then began to buy nearby.

The construction was 7 years old.Given the huge size of the estate Galkina-Pugachevs (3 sq. M. M), the term is very small!Usually people are interested in how much cost the castle Galkina, or rather the construction thereof, the object of his master.So, this is approximately equal to the sum of 10 million dollars.Villagers initially grumbled, because all seven years they had to live in a grand building.In addition, they initially had no idea who was going to live with them in the neighborhood.There were rumors that the castle was built some criminal authority.Therefore, many local residents were not tolerated and inconvenience.

But now the villagers happy.Because in the end it turned out to be their neighbors popularly favorite artists.Here's a surprise gave them newly castle.Pugacheva and Galkin also concerned now about the arrangement of the surrounding areas of the estate.Now there were good roads, and shops, and visit the famous and then go.In general, "dirt" life has become better, life has become merrier!

architecture of the castle and its interiors

Architects miracle "dirt" is the belief Gorlitsyna Anatoly assists.They also said that their project has a mixture of architectural styles.Here and Gothic style and Romanesque, and even Victorian.It was originally supposed to do all the interiors, so to speak, in the men's version.But when it became known that there will be a live and a prima donna, they were decorated and female rooms, which are located on the second floor.

Alla probably pleased with the coziness and comfort, which gives it the lock.Pugacheva and Galkin have it different apartments.Half Alla has a luxurious women's bedroom with beautiful pink parquet floors, spacious closets, and now there still appeared and children's room.Architects said that the singer loves bright pastel colors, and they tried to accommodate her wishes.Men's Half framed taste Maxim.There is also a bedroom and a study, dressing room and bathroom.

secret rooms and tunnels

Yes, there in the castle Galkina and secret rooms, and even a real underground tunnel connecting the castle with its own structure, where there is a large swimming pool and a SPA-center.Indeed, without such attributes do not do any of knighthood home!The secret closets can always hide or quietly with their help to get into another room.

And they say that there is a secret passage connecting bedrooms spouses.True or not, no one knows, because if the course of a secret, then see it is not given to anyone other than the owners ... It's over, it's all rather fun, a joke, but Maxim this idea very much, and architects will gladly fulfilled this idea.

How to become neighbors, Alla and Maxim

long gone days when nobody was interested in the village of "Dirt".Castle Galkin made this place so popular that property prices in these areas have grown fantastically.Buy a small house in the vicinity of the village can be no less than 20 million rubles.But some neighbors live nearby!Also Alla and Maxim there lives near Larisa Dolina, and Masha Rasputina, it seems, is also going to move to a "star" area.