The current flag of Pakistan, the protocol and its use similar flags

Each state has its own distinctive attributes, one element of which is the national flag.As a rule, it is always a rectangular cloth certain colors with symbolic images on it.

description of the appearance of the flag, the value of symbolism

Flag of Pakistan - is a rectangular cloth, in which the length and width are related as 3: 2.Golf cloth 3/4 dark green.In the left-hand side (near the staff) is a white vertical stripe.On a green background in the center are white crescent and five-pointed star.

In August 1947, was officially approved by the modern type of the flag of Pakistan.Meaning of the symbols depicted on it:

  • green background - Muslims living in Pakistan, the vast majority, so green background - primary color;
  • white stripe - non-Islamic religious minorities living in the territory of the State;
  • white crescent - the symbol of progress;
  • white 5-pointed star marks the light of knowledge.

Locals call their banner flag of the crescent and star.

protocols use

  • Pakistan national flag should always be on the same level with other flags or above them.The above is only permitted to raise the flag of the United Nations in the UN building.
  • flag should freely mounted on the left side of the flagpole.
  • Banner should not touch the ground, shoes or feet.
  • Pakistani Parliament - the only building, which always flies the national flag.In all other cases, the flag is raised at sunrise and lowered before nightfall.
  • Lifting and descent must always take place in a festive atmosphere and accompanied by saluting the military.
  • Prohibited lowered into the grave at the burial.
  • national symbols should always be provided to respect.It can not be dirty, it is impossible to depict everyday objects.
  • Compulsory banner rises to the full height of the following dates: 23.03 - Day of Pakistan 14.08 - Independence Day, 25.12 - the birthday of the Muslim leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

  • State flag are allowed to hang on the vehicles of the president, prime minister, chairman of the Senate, Speaker of the National Assembly, the Chief Justice, provincial governors and some ministers and ambassadors of Pakistan.

Similar flags

All-India Muslim League had its symbol flag is dark green with a picture of a white crescent and five-pointed star in the center.The only difference from modern Pakistan flag on the left was the absence of the white band.

modern flag of Turkey is very similar to the flag of Pakistan.In the center of the rectangular panel are white crescent and five-pointed star.But the background field of bright red color.