Red poppies - a symbol of what?

are symbolized by red poppies?You can almost certainly respond that many of us have never in my life did not ask this question.But a huge fire, "the sea", where the wind creates waves of scarlet, - a spectacle so beautiful that you can look at it endlessly.All peoples in all times this flower was a multi-faceted character.On it, there are many legends and myths, its dedicated to the gods and used in medicine.Red poppies - a symbol of what?What it meant in antiquity, in the East, and in our time?It's time to learn about it.


For residents of this country the flower has been a symbol of youth, beauty and feminine charm.Once at Thebes peasants cultivated the kind of poppy, which is grown today in our country.The upper classes could guess that the flower has narcotic properties, and ordinary people calmed poppy water crying children, used it as a painkiller.Because of its beauty poppy has become a symbol of the Egyptian burials, even today, the flowers are in the tombs.


can say that in ancient Rome and Hellas this flower revered above all, it is born there are several legends about its origin.According to one legend, after the death of Adonis, Venus cried for a long time, nothing could comfort her.And every tear it turned into a poppy.Sadly, of course, but the red poppies - a symbol of something else?According to another legend, the god of sleep poppy created Hypnos to reassure Demeter, whose daughter kidnapped by Hades.Hypnos her to drink the decoction of this flower, she consoled.Even today, it is decorated with statues of these scarlet flowers.At the same time Mack was a symbol of fertility due to good seed germination.


In Persian culture poppies - a symbol of happiness, eternal love, joy, wild flower hinted at a desire intimate connection.Buddhists were firmly convinced that Mack came after Buddha sleepy eyelashes touched the ground.In China, a flower associated with success, beauty, relaxation and remoteness from the hustle and bustle.However, he later became a symbol of available women and brothels.At the beginning of the XIX century, after the "Opium War", smoking the drug became so popular that the flower became associated with evil and decay.

red poppies - a symbol of what in the Middle Ages?

In his bloodthirsty and gloomy traditions of Christianity declared poppy sign that the Last Judgment will come soon.Flower, the conviction that time, recalled the terrible sufferings of Christ and also a symbol of the indifference and ignorance.On a day when there was Pentecost, the church was decorated with poppies, and children during the procession carrying flowers, scattered petals.Behind marched a priest with the holy gifts.In the XVI century a treatise doctor Theodorus Jacob warned that excessive use can not flower seeds and the remaining part thereof.

New time

There was a belief that not just red poppies growing on the battlefields.They allegedly symbolize the blood of the dead soldiers.It is very likely it looked during the time after the First World War in Flanders.Then, after the burial of fallen soldiers of the field suddenly became scarlet.While Professor Moina Michael Mack has turned into a symbol of charity.She sold flowers, and gave the money to veterans and disabled veterans.

Scarlet flower today

Today red poppy - a symbol of what?For example, to this day, this flower is the emblem of the British Legion.Every year in the fall artificial flowers sold as a reminder of those who died in armed conflicts and two world wars.In Ukraine, for example, the poppy is associated with fertility and vast expanses.Wedding petals sprinkled loaves to the young was a health and a lot of kids.Also in this country, red poppies - a symbol of victory, it has recently been decided to use all the official events.

tattoo with a red flower

The fact that the colors shown on the body are important, they know everything.What is said in this case, red poppy?Tattoo with this flower has always been associated with the death or going to bed.And the two concepts are too close to each other, such as lethargy often duplicates the state of death, so hard to tell them apart.It's all very strange, and solving the mystery of the people think more than a decade.

Another meaning of the pattern on the body - it is the truth, loyalty, faithfulness.Solving poppy decorate the body, consider whether to do it.Whatever meaning you may have invested in the picture themselves, will always be some unknown to us the mystery and meaning.

Conclusion As we can see, the story is rich not only the events, but such small importance legends and beliefs about the meaning of flowers.Every nation interpreted this beautiful flower in its own way, values ​​are not just different from everyone, sometimes they even contradict each other.Let us dwell on the fact that it is a symbol of happiness, youth and fertility!We believe the best - so it would happen!