Mechanized plaster walls: reviews, photos

Mechanized plaster walls, the reviews of which can be seen more and more often, is a method of applying the solution to the surface using a special device, without any additional assistants, which significantly reduces the cost of operation, reduces the time of its implementation, as well as improvingresult.The name itself suggests that as a means for applying a special machine is used, which takes the solution under pressure.With such a method could eliminate many processes, including mixing, delivery and application of substance to the surface.Plaster walls mechanized, reviews of which testify to its effectiveness, significantly reduces the cost of repair of apartments, allowing you to reduce the time required for the implementation of works, excluding the mass of the negative points in particular spots and patchy application due to the fact that the substance is mixed evenly.This method provides the capability for rapid processing of large areas.The process is a long spatula to achieve optimal smoothness of the surface.Earlier stage of leveling walls and plastering was the most time-consuming and costly, but now it has become much easier.The most popular option became the plaster mechanized way with the help of PFT RITMO M, reviews of which speak in favor of the need for choosing this option.

An important advantage of this method is the lack of need for putty works.Mechanized method of applying plaster to the walls in readiness for wallpapering immediately after drying.If you want to apply paint or some decorative coating requires special smoothness that is required to pass putty in 1 layer, after which the surface oshkurivaetsya.


Mechanized plaster walls, reviews about which you might be interested in, is produced with the use of modern technology.This approach ensures a high quality end result.The special mixing principle makes it possible to make a uniform mixture.This was made possible due to the fact that the plaster is added to water, not vice versa.Mechanized plastering, reviews of which speak of her momentary apprehension, it adheres to the surface very quickly due to its supply under pressure.The mixtures that are used for application by machine, are much more expensive than those used for manual work.Surface plastered in this way, do not need putty before pasting wallpaper.Delivery times and costs are significantly reduced work performance.

If you are interested in what is best - plaster mechanized or manual reviews to try out both methods will help you make a choice.It is important to note that the ready-mix gypsum-based acceptable to use than sand-cement.Natural gypsum makes them white and porous structure makes it environmentally friendly.They can be used to produce single-layered alignment layer causing up to 50 mm in thickness.The surface does not need to handle putty.

principle of operation of plaster stations

Currently engaged in the production of plaster stations, several manufacturers: PFT (Germany), M-TEC (Germany), Putzmeister (Germany),.The most widespread technique of the first of them.This high-quality equipment, which is supplied with a set of spare parts.

Mechanized plastering of the walls, which show reviews for its high quality and speed of work is structurally divided into two areas: to the dry mixture and the finished mortar.The dry mixture is in the hopper, then fed through a special feed drum to the mixing chamber.In the container there is its mixing with the water through the mixing helix.After that there is ready supply of mortar to the pump, pumped her Mortar hoses.The machine can be run at any time, it does not matter how much container is filled with the dry mix.To download or stop the unit does not need to wait for the full development of the material.

The principle of

- into a hopper stations made continuous supply of dry mortar;

- the mixing chamber is fed dosed substance and then mixed with water within a certain percentage;

- screw mortar is supplying a solution from the mixing chamber under pressure mortar hose;

- parallel to this special nozzle supply of compressed air is produced, and then the solution is sprayed from a nozzle onto the surface.

description of some stations

Mechanized plaster walls, reviews about which you probably are interested in, is powered by a voltage of 220 or 380 volts.There are stations of various voltages vary in the amount of work performed.In assessing the upcoming volumes required to determine what station the right thing to use.

plastering machines PFT Ritmo - a compact universal modular unit.It can work with mixtures of dry and liquid materials - primers, paints.This device is suitable for the following works:

  • preparation plasters based on cement and gypsum with their subsequent application;
  • application of fillers in the form of pastes;
  • surface treatment using primers;
  • conducting works Painting nature;
  • preparation of thin-ties and their device.

reviews mechanized plaster the walls with the help of this machine speak in favor of the fact that he has such advantages:

- compact device, which is convenient and easy to operate;

- the opportunity to work with mixtures with different properties;

- the most labor-intensive operations fully mechanized;

- capacity is adjusted without steps;

- washing machine is quick and easy.You can quickly remove the rubber mixing chamber, easy to wash it, and then just as quickly installed in place;

- work on normal city mains 220 volts;

- this unit is suitable for small teams and construction companies;

- simplicity and speed of assembly and disassembly as well as the compactness during transportation.

machine to work without downtime, the best is the brigade of 2-3 people.This mechanized plaster, reviews of which testify to its convenience, is broken down into three parts for ease of transportation in the trunk of a car.Washing machine hoses and all require the use of only 2-3 buckets of water.All of these characteristics allow to use the unit for small volumes of work, even in the processing of 1-2 room apartments that previously was done manually.

plastering PFTG5 Super

PFT G5 Super is a versatile machine with the highest performance, which is characterized by a modular design and ability to operate continuously with dry mixes that are designed specifically for machine application.The scope of application of the plaster plant is:

  • Preparation of solutions on the basis of plaster and cement and their subsequent spraying onto the surface.
  • device cement screeds and self-leveling floors.
  • Preparation of building adhesives, mortars, and other materials with their subsequent delivery.

plastering machine may be filled with a mixture directly from bags or with the help of the pneumatic installation.Plaster walls mechanized, reviews of which a strictly positive, is a convenient solution has many advantages:

- Modularity offers maximum ease and simplicity of transportation;

- connectors have different connectors, which eliminates any connection errors;

- improving safety is ensured by the presence of established standard gauge indicating the pressure of the mortar at the current time;

- ergonomic arrangement of all controls;

- excellent maneuverability is ensured by the presence of large rear wheels with a diameter of 50 cm, with their help, the machine easily overcomes obstacles and irregularities in width it goes in any doorways;

- high performance;

- durability and reliability of the device;

- structural strength and high corrosion resistance.

Technology of work

reviews mechanized plaster speak in favor of what is convenient and fast surface treatment method for which you want to spend certain preparatory work.To begin delivery is carried out on the unit and the whole complex of instruments to the place of work.Makes installation of the unit in the workplace.Thereafter possible to prepare the surface.

Before starting work you need to clean all surfaces of release agents, sagging concrete mounting glue, masonry mortar and other projections of more than 10 mm, and the protruding metal elements should be cut and protect against corrosion.All loose surface areas or fixed or removed.Monolithic concrete panel or base, as well as the surface subjected to staining, gypsum, plasterboard, cam boards need to remove dust and prime "Betonkontaktom" applied with a brush or roller.

surfaces, tiled or silicate or ceramic brick, foam concrete, cinder, concrete and other materials, which are characterized by high absorption requires primed "Grundermittel" or similar fixed and penetrating composition.For a primer in this case, a gun or CEILING, thereby providing increased efficiency dust removal.

marking surfaces

Mechanized plaster walls, the reviews of which may seem interesting, is applied after the vertical surface will be checked.For this purpose a level, whose length is 2-3 meters, and in the horizontal direction is performed verification using the pattern or string.The test results provide information about the protruded position.Angles premises checked with the help of templates or angular corner rule.Further, the surface of the beacons are marked for display.Plaster mechanized, reviews of which are credible, produced in the same way as the manual method: Only after will be installed and fixed beacons.

process of applying

reviews plaster mechanized speak in favor of what is necessary to follow the operating instructions.Accordingly it is required to load the dry mixture.Mortar gun must be located at a distance of 20-30 cm from the surface to produce a stream of solution is strictly perpendicular to it.The following outstretched hand with a pistol by the solution, and then open the air valve.The solution is applied uniformly to the movements and of himself with obligatory overlap each previous new line.The thickness of the substrate is directly dependent on the speed with which moves the gun.Before you start filling the entire surface, it is necessary to fill in the corners and joints.

formation surface

process of leveling solution and the formation of the final version of the surface takes about 30-50 minutes from the time the solution was applied or before the expiration of the conservation of its mobility.After the solution is applied, it must be previously smoothed by pulling along the beacons.If in some places was not enough amount of the solution, it is necessary to add and smooth.

Cropping solution on the surface is formed after about 40-60 minutes after application or after 15-30 minutes after the completion of its leveling.Ready finished surface of the solution to the "cropping" is checked this: it applied the rule, and then stretched along it.If you use the right to remove only the top layer and thus is not affected by the whole mass of the material, it shows the willingness.If there is a contraction of the entire mass, it requires a little more time.Another important point is that the mechanized plaster walls, reviews about which you are interested, carried out very quickly, so if the "cutting" of the surface layer requires some effort, it indicates that the moment was lost.In this case, the alignment surface is a little difficult.

Mechanized plaster walls: photos, reviews,

materials used for this technology uses special plasters that are dry.The quality and properties of these compounds are key in this case.There is a basic set of qualities of dry mixes, which, in the opinion of consumers and professionals, not all correspond to the compositions.In any case, it is this method allows you to quickly and easily get the high quality results.Reviews of plaster walls mechanized talk about high efficiency of this option due to the application of quality and speed.