Could be a lucky loser?

Is it possible to get rid of the loser complex, self-esteem and find inner harmony, optimistic?American researcher Richard Wiseman proved that this shoulder almost everyone, and thus the classic loser.However, since his experiments Wiseman did not know to which specific conclusions he comes.

failure and lucky

for psychological experiments, Wiseman gave an ad in the paper, which invited into his creative laboratory volunteers.Responded people of different professions and ages.Among them were students, and the elderly.Some of them thought of himself as an eternal loser, but they were here and darlings of fortune.

Details talked to each of the volunteers and defining factor of intellectual development of their wards, a researcher Packaged have two groups - the most pronounced luckies and losers.Then the scientist and his team have begun a series of targeted experiments.

Wiseman gave both groups of specimens of the same newspaper, offering to quickly calculate how much to the published photographs.He

also announced that those who always cope with the task in two minutes, will receive $ 250.

And now the countdown has begun.None of the subjects did not know, of course, that within each of the newspaper prepared two surprises.On the sidelines of one of the middle of the page it was written: "It is enough to consider!The newspaper exactly 45 pictures! "In a few more pages of the same inscription was duplicated by larger letters.

And what happened?Almost everyone lucky enough a few seconds, to a handwritten note phrase and finish the game.But unlucky not missed even in the allotted two minutes, because all the attention was focused only on the recalculation of photos.

This simple experiment Wiseman allowed to hold the first "debriefing" and make a number of very important findings.Unlucky too fixated on a specific goal, and this prevents them from seeing more profitable options.After all, some of them still noticed the inscription, but did not take it into account, because she would not have made, a experimenter.And some people are simply afraid, believing that there is hidden some clever trap.But lucky have benefited as they looseness, psychologically prepared for all sorts of surprises, believe in fortune and never miss it.That is why, probably because lady luck favored them.

CART ripe apples

After some time, took a new experiment.At this time, the two groups of volunteers were assigned to enter in a specially rented an apple orchard and bring out of it one after the other two baskets full of ripe apples.On collecting the first basket and unlucky, lucky and spent about the same time.But on the second basket more quickly brought lucky.

What was going on?Is this monotonous process as picking apples, too, depends on luck?It turned out that there is a psychological own tray.

collecting the first basket, all were in an unfamiliar place approximately the same conditions.There was plenty of fruits and tore all those apples, to which you can reach from the ground by hand.Collect unlucky second basket, in their usual habit, we went to the original location.But there is low hanging apples was already small, and had to climb trees or go to other corners of the garden, which required extra time.

But lucky, still only picking up the first basket, have realized that the old place back is not necessary, and on the way back looked after pristine apple trees, to which and headed immediately after unloading the first basket.

researcher conclusion was obvious: the lucky ones - those who seek their fortune in various everyday situations, who have initiative and trying to diversify his life, who knows how to observe and use podvernuvshiysya chance.

That desire for variety, novelty helps the individual to increase their self-esteem, become more successful and eventually establish themselves in the world.It is this kind seekers constitute contingent pets Lady Luck.

Fortuna grabbed by the tail!

After a series of experiments, Richard Wiseman, by his own admission, he gained confidence in the understanding of this phenomenon, as is the luck.He ran with his failures cycle of individual lessons, rastolkovyvaya them the hidden meaning of psychological experiments in which they participated together.At the end of each of the volunteers received a recommendation in accordance with the peculiarities of his character.But after that the researcher did not interrupt communications with clients.A year later, more than 80 percent of the former losers informed him that fortune began to accompany them in many endeavors.

Valery Nechiporenko

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