What stones fit Scorpio: advice of astrologers

For people born under the sign of the Scorpion, features characteristic: they are in some way hypnotists.Their mystical gaze mesmerizing effect on people, as if he were a man penetrates and sees him through.Scorpions arrogant, know the price themselves, they do not need praise and evaluation of others.They know how to control their senses good and seem to be "cool", but in his heart - passionate and sincere nature.To know which stones are suitable to Scorpio, you need to understand some of the features of his character.

General characteristics

Scorpios love the truth, so you can feel free to ask him what he thinks about your talents, and to listen carefully to the answer.Not the fact that you characterize it positively - sweet lies Scorpio despises.

All the people of this zodiacal constellation is divided into three types:

  • The first are people ruthless and vindictive, capable of destroying both others and ourselves.
  • second type characterizes the people wise, fair and independent.
  • The third type includes the most "weak" representatives sign disgruntled outside world and closes on themselves.

any of the three types can be seen rarely, but every representative of the mark to a greater or lesser extent are these qualities.

stones Scorpion

If you want to present a gift gem, you need to determine which stones fit Scorpion, to please him.

Any Horoscope display certain stones that enhance certain traits.Born from 24 October to 22 November fit:

  • Alexandria - soothe the owner died his fighting ardor and lead to harmony with the world and himself.
  • Turquoise is a stone of happiness and prosperity, has a positive effect on the health of his "master".
  • Hematite increase sexuality, to protect against infections, including sexually.
  • Cat's Eye - Charm Stone.This stone is ideal for Scorpio, because due to the impulsive nature, he often make enemies.Cat's Eye encourages the owner to the cherished goal.
  • Tourmaline is designed to strengthen family relationships or love, symbolizes love, beauty and youth.
  • Pearl dark tones, or black, ideal for women of the sign and protects them from harm.
  • Black Opal develops intuition, leadership qualities, the ability to persuade, without affecting the sensitivity of others.
  • Pomegranate - if you are interested in the question of what the stones fit Scorpion, be sure to pay special attention to the grenades.Title gem - from the Latin Ā«granumĀ», which means "grain, seed."It symbolizes the loyalty, strength, devotion.For the host is a guide to sexual partners, keeps him from disappointments.At the same time its owner is concentrating on a steady partner with whom you can go through life with dignity.

Among the gems you can choose a mascot for the Scorpio, which is most suitable for the characteristics that mark.

Amethyst - useful for those people who seek to fill internal voids of alcohol or drugs.The stone helps to achieve inner harmony.

Aquamarine - "cool" passionate nature, brings to the nature of wisdom, promotes happiness in the family.

If you know which stones fit Scorpio, will not only make an original gift for a friend or loved one, but also protect it from negative situations.