Zodiacal constellation Libra

Libra is called the zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere night sky.Latin name - «libra».The ancient Sumerians called the constellation Zib-Ba An-Na, which means "the balance of Heaven."Constellation Libra is located between the constellations Scorpio and Virgo.Incidentally, in the Babylonian astronomy his mark represented in the form of claws of the scorpion.However, there was an error in translation from the Arabic word "zubana" and the Akkadian word "zibanitu", both of which can mean both "scale" and "Scorpion".It has the shape of a scorpion hung upside down, and was known as "claw Scorpion" to the 1st century BC, it has never been identified previously as the constellation Libra.

In addition, it was suggested that the sign of the zodiac as if alluding to the fact that, when the Sun enters this part of the ecliptic, the autumnal equinox occurs.In Egyptian mythology, the constellation Libra ancient, they are also "Balance of Truth" and "The Last Judgement", date back to the Egyptian afterlife rituals in which they are used for weighing of souls.In addition, they are associated with the goddess Maat, as a major ancient Egyptian deity, which had to do with this constellation.She was the daughter of Ra and patron of truth, justice and universal harmony.

In Greek mythology, Libra - the constellation representing the Golden Chariot of Pluto, drawn by four black horses.Once visiting the underworld in his chariot, Pluto saw Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, goddess of fertility.The history of the abduction of Persephone by Pluto - the famous Greek myth, which represents vegetation, wakes up in the spring, giving the processes and leaving the ground after harvest.

Ancient Roman legend credited with the appearance of the constellation Libra Emperor Augustus, who was famous for his justice.In gratitude to the great figures of the subjects immortalized his name, calling the sign of the zodiac in memory of Justice in August.

today is portrayed as a sign of the scales, which holds in its hands Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, thereby associating with the neighboring constellation Virgo.

It is the only sign of the zodiac that does not represent wildlife.
constellation Libra occupies an area of ​​538 square degrees and contains three stars with known planets.It can be seen at latitudes between +65 ° and -90 °, and best of all it is visible at 9 pm during June.The stellar astrology sun passes through the balance between October 16 and November 15 and in tropical astrology it is considered in this sign in the period from 23 September to 23 October.

Constellation Libra image you see above, has no bright galaxies, but there is one that may be of interest to observers.In a large telescope can be seen spiral galaxy NGC 5885, with a magnitude of 11.7, located next to the Beta Libra.It is also home to Gliese 581C - this is the first exoplanet that was discovered moving in an orbit of its parent star, the red dwarf Gliese 581, within the habitable zone of the star.This Earth-like planet was discovered in 2007.Another planet orbiting the same star, Gliese 581e - with the smallest mass exoplanet, discovered orbiting a normal star.