What is the name of Catherine, and what gives the character?

Today the name Catherine is an association with the royal name: Immediately seems overbearing, stately woman.It should be noted that in fact the owner of the name such traits in most cases do not have.To find out what is the name of Catherine, you need to turn to the Greek language.It comes from the word "Katharios", which means "chaste, pure."

This name is used in many countries.To date, the most popular two phonetic versions: Catalina and Katerina.Especially revered Orthodox Catherine of Alexandria, which is considered the patroness of brides.Catholics it is recognized as the patron of students, women and small children.Knowing what is the name of Catherine, many in our country is so called girls.

Owners of the name stand out among their peers high level of intelligence, the desire to be the best.From childhood, they manifest such traits as impulsivity, self-esteem and desire to excel in everything.Only Kate can be a leader in the team.She is very fond of praise, but it seems arrogant and callous, that's not quite true.Behind the mask of indifference lies shy and insecure girl sought out a disadvantages.

restraint, tranquility, good manners and kindness - these are the qualities that a girl gives a name to Catherine.The value of family in her life is very great, because Kate takes them as his support.Her friends are always a lot and it's nice for the most part and the right people.Among others, she kept calm and prudent, but Catherine temperament - choleric, so very quickly loses his temper and can hit close to uncontrollable fits of anger.

Knowing what is the name of Catherine, you would think that it is sweet and kind girl, but her character is very difficult, it makes excessive demands for others.In solving various problems Katya is primarily based on intelligence and logic.In them she is sure at 100%, but they are often fed her.Intuition is not a girl at all.Women with the same name can not be called resentment, but they are too subjective, so often take said in his address.

Who will partner in life for women is important.Name Catherine bestowed its possessor visionary, so it is too idealizes his chosen.Find in the life of such a man, whom she imagined quite problematic, so she spends a lot of time looking for him.Katya was accustomed to restrain their feelings and put them on display, so the excessive ardor of it can not be expected.If it is dissatisfied with something, it can disrupt their anger at loved ones, who do not understand what they deserve, and this behavior is that of Catherine.

name Catherine makes a woman very good housewife and a loving mother.It has no special attachments that have accompanied her life.Kate likes to have fun, socialize with friends, attend various events, but not given to the full.From the side it seems that it is a very busy and industrious man, but the work is not the meaning of life for her.Particular preference in choosing a profession there, but more often the owner of the name becomes a journalist and advertising specialist.