How to refill electronic cigarette properly

, to decide on the transition from tobacco cigarettes to electronic counterparts, you make the first step towards the unconditional victory over the bad habit.By choosing a suitable device should be approached thoroughly and seriously.First, let's examine the varieties, the principle of action, find out what and how to refill the e-cigarette.All these questions we consider in the new article.

habit of smoking tobacco: what can replace it

main problem of smoking tobacco cigarettes - an addiction to nicotine, the strength of stability that is comparable to the drug.Coping with the negative habit is far from all, not everyone has enough endurance, perseverance and willpower.Tobacco control candy, nicotine patches, hypnotic suggestion - this is only minor measures that do not have a high return.

Switching to electronic cigarettes does not create great turmoil for the body.This is achieved by storing reflex smoker.Analog substitute appearance does not differ from the original tobacco, it just hold, hold between the fingers and manipulate them.The main difference is that in the constancy of the ritual is not changing the principle of operation and its contents.When smoking e-cigarettes a person inhales water vapor instead of smoke into his lungs gets only a small amount of nicotine, rather than the products of combustion.

E-cigarettes: what it is

Externally electronic counterparts are similar to conventional tobacco products.Interior design is not of great complexity and consists of several elements, included in a single process.To learn how to refill the e-cigarette should examine the principle of its operation.Inside the case is an evaporator with nichrome spiral connected to the battery.While tightening the filament is heated and turns aromatic liquid into vapor, which the smoker inhales.

Pick up the simulator for themselves

selection of electronic analogues should be based on the optimal combination of several parameters:

  • size;
  • multiplicity of use;
  • way to manage;
  • fortress;
  • flavoring.

dwell on the consideration of each of the conditions.

Analog model of cigarettes vary in size into several types: super-mini, mini, and pen-style.They are similar in appearance to tobacco cigarettes, but differ in the length and thickness.Furthermore, there are also electronic cigars and pipes, the appearance and dimensions fully compliant tobacco analogues.

For the duration of the use of all e-cigarettes are divided into two types: disposable and reusable.The first option is different low cost and is suitable for those who rarely smokes or has decided for the first time to try a new taste.The battery in the probe prevented from charging, so the question of how to fill the disposable electronic cigarette can be only one answer: no.After spending an aromatic liquid simply throw cigarette.

in product reuse is possible to replace the consumable items.Charging the electronic cigarette is recharge the battery from an ordinary electrical outlet.The empty container with aromatic liquid is easy to change a new one.

How to manage e-cigarette

process steam production is manual and automatic.In the first case the analog cigarette is activated by pressing the actuator, which is usually located on the outer casing.For continuous production of steam button should always keep activated.After squeezing cigarette starter keys cease to have effect.

Automatic Cigarette convenient because it works immediately after the first puff.His breath smoker sends a signal to the microprocessor, which immediately starts the system of evaporation.Automatic Cigarette easy to use and does not distract a person's attention from the main action.

can choose a suitable option of e-cigarettes affect the nicotine content, that provides the appropriate level of the fortress (from 0 to 24 mg / ml).When you become the owner of the electronic anti-smoking counterpart, you inevitably have a question about what and how to refill the e-cigarette.Taste preferences can be met through a variety of flavors, among which the most popular are tobacco, mint, fruit.

How does electronic device

Unlike tobacco, e-cigarette does not burn and does not emit toxic smoke.Instead, it merely produces a fragrant steam.In the course of taking part a few basic components:

  • battery power (battery);
  • atomizer (evaporator);
  • cartridge aromatic liquid and nicotine;
  • sensor switching (for automatic devices).

The principle of e-cigarettes avtoupravleniem similar to the humidifier.The torque-fragrant liquid nicotine rapidly heated, turns into steam, which enters the smoker's lungs.When the system is activated the first mini-processor is located inside the battery.He starts work atomizer and simultaneously sends a signal to the tip of the cigarette, which is led simulator burning.

Spiral evaporator heating up and instantly heats aromatic liquid in the cartridge.Smoker inhales vapors resulting from the process.Termination of puffs is a signal to the built-in sensor that stops the cigarette.The presence of this important element significantly reduces the capacity of the battery.

cigarette Manual

Unlike automatic devices, manual cigarette is activated by pressing a special starter.From a practical point of view, the manual version has more benefits than the model with automatics.Its obvious advantages:

  • control of steam generation;
  • high quality steam;
  • powerful battery power;
  • easy to clean atomizer.

technological process of the electronic cigarette is in constant development.A new generation of anti-smoking peers has a more perfect internal structure, consisting of two main elements: the battery and cartomizer.The last item is a symbiosis of the evaporator and a replaceable cartridge.The compact size of the new element can increase the volume of the battery, allowing generirirovat more dense and saturated steam.

Proper use electronic simulator

Reusable E-Cigarette needs technical support and regular maintenance as well as any household appliance.Each element of the device has a certain service life, the length of which is influenced by additional factors:

  • frequency of use of e-cigarettes;
  • intensity and depth of puffs;
  • frequency of cleaning the atomizer.

How to refill electronic cigarette?Two-thirds of each cigarette takes battery.The miniature size of the device does not allow you to place inside the body a powerful source of energy.Depending on the type of cigarette and frequency of use, the battery can provide continuous operation in autonomous mode during 5-6 hours.After this is done charging electronic cigarette (similar to a mobile phone).The fact that the battery is low, indicating rapid blinking.The new electronic products first charge must be carried out at least 8 hours for the next will be enough 2-3 hours.

How to fill the cartridge of the electronic cigarette?The signal for the fact that the odor came to an end, will change the taste of steam.If mouth an unpleasant burnt taste, that means began burnt absorbent element inside the cartridge.In use, it is desirable to periodically check the content of the replacement vessel is not allowing full evaporation.If you want to change the taste of cigarettes, before this absorbent body should be washed under running water and dry.Preventive cleaning should be done after every fifth refueling.

liquid for electronic smoking sold in packages with a volume of 15 and 30 ml.To fill the tank, you must first remove the absorbent body out.It is also possible to introduce flavored filling using a syringe or medicine dropper.All actions have to be careful and slowly to avoid overflowing of the liquid.

Features of individual models

idea of ​​creating electronic cigarettes came to us from China.In 2003, there was a patented invention and the first issue is adjusted.Technological innovation was an unprecedented success and in a short period of time is widely spread around the world.Today, many leading countries producing electronic Soup under various brand names.The main production of cigarettes is still owned by China.

Company Joye Ego - one of the most successful representatives of the industry engaged in the production of complex electronic simulators.In addition to the main products, the company produces a wide range of accessories and component parts.Joye Ego products are so popular around the world that are pushing dealers to mass production of fakes.

How to refill electronic cigarette Joyetech?Models of the Chinese producer are the most popular because of the perfect combination of product size, quality, and ease of use of steam.In developing the latest versions of electronic simulators manufacturers, emphasis was placed on improving the aesthetic and technical properties of electronic products.

How to fill the electronic cigarette Evod?Cartridge refilling and charging of the battery takes place according to the scheme described in the above article.You should not pour the liquid cartridge to the brim, it is better to fill the capacity of two-thirds.After pouring the need to shake up the cartomizer a few times to evenly distribute the liquid on the evaporator.In order to avoid disruptions in the operation of e-cigarettes, it is advisable to buy components elements of the original manufacturers.

Those who choose to buy e-cigarette for the first time, can immediately get confused by the diversity of species.You should start with the most basic models to gradually deal with the device, how to care for yourself and then select the most suitable option.