How to properly plan the interior space of a private house?

It is important to plan in advance the interior of the premises.In the first place is beyond convenient location of residential and commercial rooms, bathrooms, corridors, recreation areas.A serious approach to planning helps to create a comfortable environment for every family member.

defines the principles

main principles, which should be planned according to the interior space of a house are judgment and common sense, the analysis of the individual needs of tenants, possible future restructuring of housing.

important aspect of planning is the hospitality of owners.It is one thing - keep a measured, quiet life away from the city.It is quite another - to regularly take on his estate of friends, acquaintances, business partners.

as quickly as possible to bring ideas to reality, experts recommend personally perform a small sketch of the future plan.It is desirable to mention the most important points that must be implemented in the future planning.

Among other things, planning the interior of the premises, should think carefully about any links that will be comfortable during the transition from one room to another.The above scheme is called a functional program planning.Its creation is considered the first requirement of the majority of modern architects and interior designers to the owners of the building.


Many experts believe that the minimum size of the living room should be at least 18 m2.The optimal area of ​​the premises is considered to be the size of 30 m2.Only in this case in the living room would be enough space for a comfortable arrangement of furniture, organizing feasts, receiving guests and the usual holiday with a large family.


Plan the interior of the building housing the destination based on the number, size and location of bedrooms.Smart planning of bedrooms helps to create an individual space in which you can retire comfortably.

optimal for any bedroom is considered to be an area of ​​about 10 m2.The most comfortable area, subject to the availability of a large closet, a double bed, bedside tables of merchandise, is a figure of 15-16 squares.

originally recommended the organization of separate bedrooms for everyone, even the smallest member of the family, as with the passage of time may require additional expenses for the reorganization of the premises.

If in the distant future in the family planned to completion, then plan the interior space of one of the bedrooms into an office initially is any other functional space.By adjusting the room with future redevelopment, after birth it can be easily converted into a nursery.


most convenient to have toilets, bathrooms or shower rooms close to the kitchen and bedroom.These areas are defined as night and day area, where residents spend most of the day.And so the proximity of bathrooms becomes very appropriate.

halls and corridors

Speaking of halls and corridors, it is absolutely not recommended to make them too narrow.The inner space of through-space should be at least one and a half meters wide.An excellent idea is to combine the corridor to the living room, when the room becomes a checkpoint.

Recreation Area

House has facilities such as a games room, billiard room, home theater, things become feasible only if it is really justified.Otherwise, due to a rare operation such premises only take away too much valuable space at home.

excellent alternative is to organize games and recreation areas as part of the living room.It's enough to perform competent zoning room, using the services of professional interior designers.