Gunny - fabric upholstery, and not only

Worldwide develops fashion for natural and naturalness in the interior. Therefore became popular environmentally friendly fabric matting.Initially, a rough non-smooth fabric used for upholstery.But talented designers found it and other applications.Bedspreads, curtains, clothing, bags and other accessories - any product made of twill looks stylish and harmonious.

Gunny - what kind of fabric?

Gunny is a light cotton or linen cloth, which as a result of a special weave forms a unique pattern.At first glance, it seems that such a weave fabric easy, so this fabric is rough and unattractive.However, when you create a matting used double and even triple the pair weave and complex technology development fabric.And only after that on a fairly dense web evident pattern resembling a chessboard.

Externally mat looks rough, has a non-smooth surface.But at the same time the use of yarns of different size and texture of the canvas makes natural and natural.Many people associate with dyed burlap matting.But this seemingly unattractive fabric is the best solution to create an interior in the ecological style.

Where to use?Gunny - fabric for furniture

mat got its name because of cattail marsh grass, from which the woven cloth, and then used for sewing clothes and rugs.Now its scope widened slightly.

rough mat made of natural cotton fibers is considered to be a furniture fabric.In recent years, furniture manufacturers are trying to work only with a cloth.Who upholstery mat - not just the fabric of cotton or linen.When intertwining strands are added to acrylic or polyester fibers.This increases the life of the product and makes it easier to care for.

stylish and practical obtained curtains, if they used sewing mat.Fabric adding it in acrylic and polyester becomes particularly strong.The proper care of it will extend the life of curtains.

How to care for a mat

care upholstery fabric that does not require special skills.Furniture fabric mat has the following qualities:

  • well cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, a spot it can easily be removed with a soft sponge soaked in soapy water, and then dried with a cloth;
  • if it covers - they can be washed by hand at a temperature no higher than 40 degrees without spinning;
  • does not permit the use of aggressive detergents, stain removers and bleaches;
  • not rumpled and, accordingly, do not iron.

Reviews professionals and consumers

When choosing furniture buyers oriented primarily on appearance, and only then on practicality.This applies mainly to the fabric, which is used for the upholstery.Pleasant, natural texture, rich color palette, harmonious and stylish combination with natural and artificial skin make it particularly attractive to buyers such canvases as matting.Fabric, this inexpensive, easy to clean, and the covers of her well wash out in warm water without spinning.

Gunny - fabric, reviews of which there are very positive - it also has the only drawback.But this only applies to families with pets.Furniture made of matting is often the subject of sharpening for cats nails.Coarse fibers are drawn from the fabric, and the fabric loses its attractive texture.Furniture accounts obbivat again.Therefore, pet owners, experts advise to choose a different fabric as upholstery.

Designers love matting for versatility.This amazing fabric goes well with many interior styles from country to minimalism.