There is nothing better than to die in a dream ...

Each of us at least once died in his sleep.Death is often in our dreams, taking a variety of guises and full of dreams and horror experience.Sometimes die in a dream - it is the experience, full of joyful feelings, as a possible way of relief from worries and problems.Regardless of what kind of death and in what form is sleeping, a dream, often carries a good omen.

If you have to die in a dream, it is a long and happy life.This improvement in health and strengthening of the relationship - all the opposite and positive, seen in a dream the negative.If you dream that you die far from home - to be a long journey, but if you are in real life on the road - will soon return to their walls.For those who live in a foreign country - will soon be a trip home.

If during such visions are experiencing panic, panic, paralyzing the entire body and mind - you are afraid of death, and this fear has passed in a dream, you should accept death as a stage of life and to live and enjoy every day, according to the dream book.To die in a dream - to live in reality.

when his own death in a dream calls a sense of relief, lightness, joy and freedom, it means that your current situation, occupation, relationship much you are oppressed, and that soon the fate will give you more than one chance to fix things quickly and easily,for the better.And you do not even have to make a greater effort, everything will work almost by itself.

see and feel as you dig into the grave in a dream, to know what is already dead, meaning that past troubles will go into oblivion, soon you will forget about the big issue that has long tormented.And besides, died in his sleep - waking may mean that you bury some experience - unhappy relationships and the like.

patient die in a dream - a quick and unexpected recovery in reality.But to see how the other patient will die - perhaps imminent demise of the person or serious illness.To see the patient in a coma in a dream - to get the goods unsolvable, difficult issue or problem that will remain open topic for many years.There may be long-term trials, misunderstandings relations unforgotten grudges, and the like.Try to avoid this toffees in reality, using a warning of sleep.

And what does it mean to someone else's death, what dreams of a dead man?Seeing the corpse in a dream - a dream often means heavy rain, bad weather, the next day.Sometimes it is some news from the past, forgotten acquaintances or business relationships - what you have left in the past, that "died" for you.

hear people talking dead - receive important news, receive alerts, and farewell.If you said the deceased relative (father, mother and other relatives) is to listen and to remember such dreams often speak directly about the right decisions, actions and unexpected exit from a difficult situation.Their messages are important to you.Take something from the hands of the dead man - to get in real life is something very good and beneficial (an inheritance, a bargain, a win or a favorable introduction).Giving the dead something (either voluntarily or at the request of) - Emergency and serious illness (sometimes leading to death).

Seeing bury someone - in your life will take a certain person, but in a figurative sense.This can apply to your life stage or some of its field (place of work, study, residence, etc.).

See friends living in the dream dead - discord in the relationship and quarrel.Perhaps a complete break any contact with them - they "die" for you.

see a lot of unknown corpses - hidden, but an advantageous offer.Agree on the new proposals, all will be well.Seeing the death process - interesting news, information unexpected positive news.Death in a dream can also mean a big positive changes in life for sleeping (good acquaintance, the addition of the family and many others).