Akvapanel "Knauf": technical characteristics, basic parameters, benefits

Akvapanel "Knauf" - mineral board, produced with the use of innovative technologies of the new generation, which gives the material a special strength.In fact, such a panel consists of two facing surface - the inner layer of lightweight concrete and outer steklotkanny canvas.


When selecting such an effective building material, special attention should be paid to compliance with the terms of its technical characteristics of the future performance of the work.


  • width - 90 cm;
  • length - from 120 to 250 cm;
  • weight - 16 kg;
  • thickness - 12 mm;
  • thermal conductivity: the outer panel - 0.32 W / mK, the inner panel - 0.27 W / mK;
  • density - from 1000 to 1200 kg / m3.

structure consists

Akvapanel "Knauf" of the following elements:

  • steklotkannoy grid that forms the surface of the reinforcing material;
  • core filled with expanded clay;
  • shell covered with cement mortar;
  • glass reinforced edge.

Internal Akvapanel

When using this type of material is necessary to pay attention to the specifications.Akvapanel "Knauf" for internal use is used, if necessary, the organization framework and obshivnyh designs.Covered kind of wall plates acquire a flat, smooth surface.Covering the walls inside Akvapanel allow you to instantly produce them furnish any material.The maximum weight of the furnish may be up to 50 kg per square.

Akvapanel "Knauf", the characteristics of which contribute to its application in a wide range of applications, can be used as a basis for future finishing trim surfaces such as decorative materials or ceramic tiles.A particularly effective material is in the decoration of the walls in the bathrooms and showers, where the surface is permanently exposed to copious amounts of moisture.

Internal Akvapanel are a common solution for the repair of the premises, which require regular wet cleaning.First of all, kitchen area public schools, toilets, operating.

If we talk about the rough finish, the basis of this purpose, the inner panels are used for the lining of the walls of garages, car washes arrangement space, the ground floor, a wet basement.

Outdoor Akvapanel

Application outdoor type Akvapanel contributes to implement the most unusual ideas when facing facades of buildings.The material makes it possible to translate into reality the complex ideas concerning the creation of complex and voluminous curved shapes.

As for large-scale construction, Akvapanel "Knauf" (technical characteristics allow the material) is used by digging-developers to create reliable load-bearing walling when performing tasks in the field of wood-frame and cast-frame housing.


Akvapanel "Knauf" technical characteristics allow to use when facing a variety of surfaces.It contributes to this low level of exposure to moisture.

In general, both of the above types of panels combine the following qualities:

  • high level of environmental cleanliness;
  • ease of installation;
  • efficiency of the operation;
  • long life;
  • significant opportunity to save money when performing various kinds of interior and exterior;
  • fireproof and sound quality.

Recommendations for use

specialists who are familiar Akvapanel "Knauf", specifications material are advised to resort to the use of the building foundations in areas with humidity around 70%.Based on this, a truly effective cladding surfaces such panels becomes laundry, swimming pool, boiler, other rooms where walls and ceilings are regularly amenable to copious amounts of moisture.


Akvapanel "Knauf", characteristics which contribute to its long-term operation, to create a reliable and high-strength base at facing surfaces with a thin layer of plaster.And this applies to the installation of both internal and external panels.

Grips Akvapanel on wooden or metal racks with screws, which are chosen based on the type of skin and skeleton.Between the individual plates sure to leave a small gap of 2-5 mm.With this purpose special mounting struts.

surfaces Full protection from all kinds of external influences immediately after facing Akvapanel provided by filling joints putty mixtures.

On the finishing stage of the installation laid fiberglass reinforcement.The material is pressed into the plaster layer thickness by about a third.Next is a thorough alignment and grout surfaces.