What can we expect if the dead man dreamed a dream?

dreamed deceased does not harm only under the condition that it is quiet, nothing without doing.If the dead man in your dream pobuyanit decided - it will turn anxieties and troubles.

dead man appeared in a dream in your home - means danger and possible obstacles in achieving the objectives.Even worse, if the deceased has decided to speak with you.Then surely expect trouble.

kiss or hug the dead in a dream - to trouble and anxiety.If the dream had a sick man - then he will inevitably die.But if you kiss the dead man's forehead (as it should be at the separation from the dead), then nothing bad will not turn back the dream.

If you see strangers dead at the moment when you thought about any fact, means that it is - an empty idea, which does not lead to anything.If the dream is a dream lover, then, for the presence of irreparable complexity.

If you saw a lot of dead people in dreams, but not afraid, expect great success and profit in business.

If a stranger has died, then you will be able to overcome the obstacles on his path of life.In addition, this dream portends good news for you.

if in a dream dreamed that your friend or acquaintance has died or been killed, it portends separation from that person, emotional distress and trouble.If you kill an enemy in a dream, it is the victory of life over to him.

If the deceased, at the funeral you were warned you of the danger, then listen to his advice.Soon after sleep do not take important decisions, do not go on the road and did not sign the document.This can result in a serious risk to your life.

If dead in his sleep came and silent, then wished wealth and good fortune.

If you see a dead man who was in life and envious miser means that your enemies are plotting evil plans.

If you had a living one who died before, wait for an invitation to any celebration.

Wearing the dead man on itself - to the frustration, sadness, grief, and sometimes death.

lay with the dead in a dream means that now is the logical conclusion to all pre-existing relationship with him.This dream shows that you release the soul of a close and dear person.And the separation is necessary for you.If you are to be parted again now, in the future it will only get worse.

lie in sleep between the two dead - a serious illness.

Laughs dead in a dream - to getting good news from loved ones or from each other.

If the deceased is sad, you should know that your enemies intrigues.

If you come late grandmother in a dream, it means that you want to protect from a possible disaster.

not move the corpse - means that you are paying a lot of time for empty, vain spending at the same strength.Sometimes the dream means accidental death.

very bad one dream in which you give a dead man clothes or money.It is a serious illness, or your own death or the death of a loved one.

If you pull on the clothing of the dead in a dream, you need to pay attention to their health.

deceased dream treats you to a meal - to the wealth and well-being.

Dead came to your house and started to correct the bed, signs of a coming disease.

Dream of the dead may also herald disease your close friend or relative.

If you dream you see dead and buried by all the rules itself, is a major change in your life for the better.This dream can also mean getting a large inheritance, health, longevity.However, with all of this is a lot of envy and obvious enemies.

If you live in a dream buried in the ground - unfortunately, feelings and worries.

To dream the dead man alive - you are waiting for the obstacles and losses.For lovers this dream can mean a new wave of strong feelings.

If the deceased is calling you along in your sleep - it means that either you're going to die, or die the same death as the man who bade you for them.A similar dream about your relatives or friends - to the misfortune and serious illnesses in their life.