How to learn to play the guitar strumming

Many people are wondering where to learn to play the guitar.You can, of course, to visit the places where he taught this, and you can learn on their own.It's enough to visit the appropriate site on which will be explained in detail many of the games.

One of the most popular ways - this is when the sound of each string is removed from the series, the so-called strumming the guitar.This kind of games are denoted by numbers.Each string has its own number, so the sequence of digits, for example, means the sequence 5-3-2-1-2-3 plucking each string under your number.That is, first would go fifth string, then the third, second and so on.In order to learn to play songs using this method, it is necessary to train the right hand.

There are several exercises that help us to understand how to learn strumming the guitar.You can see a game at the above sequence of strings.To do this, remove the sound from the fifth string with your thumb, then index of the third string, then the second - middle and at the end of the first - nameless.This method is considered the easiest in the game too far.Next to the figures, the letters stand for, what you need is a finger pinching string.On the Internet you will find a lot of schemes busting.Generally, there are about sixty of searches, but in reality you may need no more than twenty.Therefore, it is not necessary to teach all the existing schemes.

No need to tie various strumming the guitar to one particular song.You can take as a basis for any one motive, and then during the game it modified.That is why there are countless types of searches.

Among the many ways to play the most common brute force - the game fingers on an acoustic guitar.He is considered and the most convenient.Another method - a game fingernails.It is considered more complex, but produces a more melodic sound.Therefore, it is better to learn to play guitar nails, or relearn, going from the first to the second method, it will be difficult.There is also a third way - a game with the help of a mediator, or other devices.Playing a mediator, it is difficult to extract multiple sounds, but this skill is very handy if you need to play the guitar strumming at high speed, for example, rock parties.With the help of searches you can play not only the melody but also to music.

There are many schemes for different pieces of music games - for the waltz as well as for rock and other popular styles.Understand guitar schemes is not difficult.The figures in the scheme are non - string, 'X - is extracting audio from a specific string, if X's stand in a row, you need to pluck the strings simultaneously.If you learn all the basics of the guitar, you will be able to fulfill without any difficulty any music in the future begin to play guitar songs bust, pleasing yourself and your friends.The main thing - do not throw if the first does not work, because the guitar - it's an art.