How to learn to play the piano beautifully and accurately

you have long dreamed of learning to play the piano, and even familiar with musical notation, but his hand for some reason you do not want to listen to?Some experienced music teacher is such a thing called "hands-hooks" - is when the fingers are confused and analyze even the simplest melody is not possible.In order to avoid this confusion, it is necessary to learn the numbering fingers to play the piano and try to choose among those notes in which the fingers are numbered.As a rule, children's music, for students in first through fourth grades.

Once sorted out with the fingers, it is necessary to develop a proper fit, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to play the piano.The keyboard has a standard acoustic instrument about 9 octaves, so the chair seat is always placed in the center, opposite the first octave.

also be guided by the position of the pedals - setting a chair should be such as to click on them to be comfortable.

With proper seating position for instrument musician can evenly cover the entire range of a piano keyboard.

Next to beautifully learn to play the piano, it is important to work out the correct hand position.It should be noted that in the game on this instrument is activated not only the brush, but the whole arm from the shoulder.

to novice musicians was clear how it should look like, they should imagine that the water droplets running down the arms, from the shoulder joint and ending with fingers.It turns out that arms should acquire soft, pull-down position.

main feature of the piano is that both hands perform the same actions.

This aspect makes the game easier on the tool (for example, the violin one hand to pluck the strings, and the other - the bow moves, so learn to work a little harder).

And after a person learns to play the piano, he is simply not going to notice this feature, but at first it is necessary to pay attention.After all, it is important to give up on the keyboard and raise them at the same time, nice and easy.

With the video tutorials to learn how to play the piano is much easier.Such instructions are always professionals describe in detail every action that allows you to remember all the provisions in the game faster and better.

And do not "run ahead of the engine" just trying to parse complex classical works.They are always covered a lot of complex things that if undeveloped motor skills of hands to carry out is simply unrealistic.

should begin with simple exercises and scales that are printed in the children's musical books.With their help, anyone can learn to play the piano, to remember the position of all fingers and the arrangement of keys on the keyboard.And after the dexterity of fingers appear, while the melody will be heard not simply as a set of sounds, and to express some kind of motive finished, you can proceed to an analysis of classical works.The main thing is to choose simple melodies that do not have passages and notes are too small durations.