How to learn the notes quickly and correctly

If you previously were not familiar with the notes at all, it will have to begin to learn by heart the standard scale, consisting of seven stages.In order to understand how to learn music, first consider their location on the staff, which consists of five lines.Notes are written on the lineup, and between them, and are often subject to additional positions which are attributed individually for each note.

note "before", which is located in the center of the scale, that is, in the first octave, is recorded in an extra ticker, which is attributed at first.It is followed by "D", and it is located, respectively, at the first line.Further, all the notes are written on the line - "mi" to the first "F" between the first and second, and so on.Gradually delving into the process, you can quickly understand how to learn the notes and remember their position on the staff.

now moving to the tool, ie the piano or the piano.That it to comprehend the essence of musical notation can be fully utilized.Learned seven notes will be repeated as many times as octaves holds a tool.Typically, this amount varies between 9 octaves, each of which there is a note "before" and the note "la".To illustrate this process, it is desirable to use sheet music for beginners which can be downloaded from the Internet, or take in the library.

many who want to learn to read music, but not knowing how to learn music, it is recommended to purchase tutorials, which provides detailed instructions for the game in a particular instrument.It should also be remembered that the seven notes of the first octave - a white sheet, but the distance between them is different.These are the tones and semitones which are heard in the sound of music intervals.So, from the "up" to the next "before" image scale "C", which has the following structure: tone, tone, semitone, three tones, a semitone.

Raising or lowering a semitone notes made by such signs as sharps and flats.The first sheet increases, the second, respectively, decreases.Using them, you can, for example, to increase the sound of "F" and turn it into an "F sharp."Thus, the question of how to learn the notes, it is not as difficult and frightening as it seemed earlier.And after the location of the notes on the staff to be "folded" in the head with their placement on the keyboard, you can proceed to the analysis of simple compositions.

musical notation - the science that takes time and practice, and only constant playing and practicing, you can quickly and easily learn the notes, memorize them and play freely.The foregoing is only the beginning of all knowledge of music theory, and to learn how to learn the notes from "a" to "z", you need to read the relevant literature, music.The best assistant in this matter may become a textbook on ear training, or a private teacher.

In conclusion it may be noted that music lessons are also worth having a talent and a penchant for this case.First of all pay attention to the hearing and sense of rhythm.It is equally important to feel the music, to be able to pick out and improvise.It is this quality determines whether a person is able to master the science of music.