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I want to share with you useful information in my opinion.Not so long ago lost its core operations (industrial climber) became increasingly stay at home, at the computer.Well, as many of the recent work I'm interested in the Internet.Convenient, no need to go somewhere, get up early, you can even start their own business.But how to distinguish the scams from the real employers ???In general, by the lost time, nerves, and several thousand transferred to the virtual account for the various training programs, registration and so on.. But still, I found I was looking for !!!And it is not found on the Internet.My wife told me that her friend recently entered into what that korparatsii and earns the network filling what is survey.I started with a grain of salt reacted to her words, remembering their recent failures still, you never know what to tell your friends, the more lives two thousand kilometers! And she persuaded me to talk to her on Skype.There is such a corporation 3-s business, which is in charge of marketing for the company samsung.The essence of this is: you register the company (registration is free), you open a personal online flash office, for it will have to pay a little bit.Yourselves questionnaires that need to be completed every day, the number of profiles depends on a fixed income.And the second part of the income is to build the structure (network marketing).Generally inviting new people into the business, you get a percentage and podnimaeshsya structure.And you can do once the completed questionnaires and combine with the construction struktury.Vyplaty twice a month, generally sounds great, what's the catch, I wondered?Again came the Internet, and no specific comments not nashel.Togda when we waited our buduyuschemu sponsor pay earned dengi.I introduce to pay an advance salary advance .. It turns out this is not the only company engaged in such activities, but this really explains platyat.Kak friendinvited her into this business is not the last person in this structure, he explained that this kind of activity can make money, the main thing to work with a decent manager sponsorom.Ne slechae Do not transfer money without knowing even basic data about the recipient!To be honest for a long time trying to understand the operation of the company, but did not what samsung ponyal.Dlya these polls, for which he pays the money? I think it is a very well-thought-out pyramid, money spinning in circles bringing profits to one, then another, and soby tsepochke.Vot and I took a small loan and invested in this chain I seem to be all as obeschali.Dumal limit filling in forms, and there, too, decided to build this we strukturu.S difficult, people have learned from bitter experience, relatives, even at first looked askanceuntil the money is not received any who did not want sotrudnichat.A not mistake the one who does nothing either! Here's a story out quickly enough and you can earn good money, but how much will be spent forces, nerves and finances? Who seeks shall find!!! I wish you success in your endeavors!Work on the Internet is real!