Cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony: fresh vegetables in winter cold

What are they delicious, crunchy cucumbers.It is a pity that their season is not very long, so in the winter they have to settle for a taste of home-seamer.But both want to winter, when the snow outside the window, and my heart longing to eat fresh cucumber, that's just how I get it?You can search the stores and give fabulous price per kilogram, and cucumbers can be grown at home.Do not believe me, then read on!

Recently, at home practice of growing a variety of crops.For example, you can grow onions, strawberries, tulips, carrots.Cucumbers can also be added to this list.And not just so, and because many growers actually managed to harvest cucumbers in the winter with the fact that settled on a standard balcony.Of course, something will have to make some effort, but it's worth it.

So, where to start growing cucumbers in the home?First we need to buy seeds.In this case, the best fit self-pollinating species, but other varieties can also be grown, they just have to pollinate themselves.Next, the seeds should be put down in a gauze bag and put on a saucer.Then you need to sprinkle the seeds with water, and to do so as long as there will be boring.

Now you need to think about warming the balcony.Cucumbers should be warm, so here you will have themselves to come up with something.The main thing, remember that the heat should be 24 hours a day.Therein lies the rub, because to create a warm environment on the balcony is not so simple.But let's say you have decided this issue.Then you should decide to where to plant the plants.The most convenient way is to carry out the cultivation of cucumbers on a balcony in long boxes, but you can use flower pots, plastic bags.The soil is better to buy a special cook in the fall on their own.Its composition should be similar to this: top layer of soil, humus and peat.In the same mixture, you must add wood ashes, chalk powder and granules of superphosphate.

It is important to see to it that the cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony accompanied by the following conditions: a sufficient amount of light, no drafts, high humidity.Lack of daylight can compensate for artificial lighting with lamps.To avoid drafts, the windows should be kept closed and during the growth of cucumbers not be opened.To plants are not lacked moisture, they should be periodically sprinkle water.It is best to carry out the cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony, which is on the south side.

After the seeds have been planted, the box must be protected to the film until sprouts appear.About once a week cucumbers must be fed with chemical fertilizers.It is also important to build a support cucumbers on which they will begin to curl.To Cucumbers were given fruit, it is necessary to cut the sheet 12 after the tip.

If you are not self-variety planted cucumbers, then pollination will have to hold their own.This is done as follows: separate the male flower (ie, sterile flower) and about its stamens pistil of a flower with a small cucumber (a female flower).Do it better in the morning, when pollen is wet and easily adheres to the pestle.Pollination can also be performed using a fine brush or cotton swab.

As you can see, growing cucumbers on the balcony, not such a difficult task.But you will have their own winter cucumbers.As mentioned above, the cultivation of cucumbers in the balcony is complicated by the fact that there it is not enough heat.However, if you want to use this location in the summer (for example, you do not have your own garden or a site where you can plant the garden), there is a balcony more than ever.In fact, this small greenhouse.

If you are not able to do a warm balcony, you can organize the cultivation of cucumbers on a windowsill.Just follow the above work and enjoy harvest.