How to make a warm floor

House must not only cozy and comfortable, and warm.Many people like to go barefoot at home, but in the cold season, it can be quite difficult, as the floors can be cold, and hypothermia is the legs often cause colds.So the question is how to make floor heating, a large number of interested people.

This system can be located throughout the area of ​​home or, in some individual rooms (eg bath or child).Warm floor make electric or water, depending on how much energy is consumed.In the apartments of apartment buildings is preferable to the first option, since the tubes in which water flows to heat, may suddenly leak, causing damage not only to the owners but also their neighbors.

How to make a warm floor?The main thing - to build a special cable or conduit.Then the cable is connected to a power outlet and piping hot water.The unit of floor heating, and in fact, and in another case is quite simple.

A special insulation material installed system, then filling is prepared by sand-cement mortar.On top of this lay flooring: tile, linoleum, and so on. D.

Before making the electric floor heating, it is necessary to purchase the necessary equipment, which in most cases is done in Europe.Furthermore, preparatory work directly where the system will be placed.Frequently Elektropol make in some areas, such as in the bathroom or in the kitchen, and not over the whole area.The material, which is often chosen for the flooring is tile.In addition to the floor, you need to clear and prepare a place on the wall, where there will be an electric thermostat that regulates the temperature.

In some cases, it is recommended to do in addition to thermal insulation and waterproofing, to avoid condensation that may appear next to the heating cables.To do this, suitable material such as plastic film.For insulation use penofol.He is thin and light, has a high thermal conductivity.It is necessary to take into account before you make a floor heating that may reduce the space, but modern technology and materials make it possible to reduce this drawback to a minimum.

So, on top of a heater placed reinforcing mesh, whose main task - to prevent overheating of the cable from contact with insulation and increase the strength of the solution, which all will be poured.Before placing fill, should once again check whether the installation is made as if there are errors in the future will have to dismantle the tie to fix them.Despite the high efficiency electric field has the disadvantage of high energy consumption.In addition, you must include a system only after the dry screed, and it can take up to six months.

talking about how to make Radiant floor, it should be noted that the technology is similar to the previous one.However, instead of the cable insulation are laid on the pipe.It is better to take a galvanized or copper.This high strength and different plastic products.Better to take a one-piece pipe, as the pieces are connected to each other over time may leak and to eliminate this defect would have to dismantle the entire floor.

Unlike electric cables, pipes are not afraid of overheating, so here are using more massive reinforcement, as this system weighs a lot.Before making floor heating from heating, must take into account its shortcomings.For example, when heating it is possible to reduce the temperature of the water in the pipes neighboring apartments.