As ceiling wallpaper glue

ceiling wallpaper is much denser wall, precisely because of this they are well hide any irregularities ceiling.And therefore it is not required ideal surface preparation.

Yet these wallpapers are not durable.After 5 years (maximum) they must be changed again, because they absorb not only dust, but also moisture, fat, choking smoke.The optimal solution - select high-quality imported ceiling wallpaper under painting.This option is good due to the high quality, and it is noteworthy that they can be repainted up to ten times.

Suitable for ceiling and ceiling wallpaper non-woven.They are much easier to glue than paper, because the glue does not need prokleivat wallpaper and the ceiling.

In preparation for gluing ceiling, wash whitewash or paint is not necessary.But if the ceiling is noticeable bumps, no putty can not do.And if you drop the plates too high, then better align the ceiling using drywall and then pasting wallpaper.

In the former USSR ceiling wallpaper pasted on paper.So do not be, because in a few years, the ceiling is covered with ugly yellow spots on newsprint.It is better to use a primer as a base.It's wise to

well primed ceiling.Primer dries quickly, easy to apply with a brush, it does not contain any solvents and does not create the greenhouse effect, because its surface is breathing.The main thing - to start wallpapering is possible after a couple of hours.

As ceiling wallpaper glue?

In this process, there are nuances.Imported wallpaper does not have to be impregnated with glue.Under these ceiling simply smeared with glue and then applied the wallpaper easily.The bubbles that form when glueing, smoothed carefully from the middle of a rubber roller.

Domestic same wallpaper first coat with glue and then glue on the ceiling.Wallpaper can be impregnated with not more than 10 minutes, with longer soaking can easily disperse embossed wallpaper and eventually a tear.

When glueing used specifically designed for this wallpaper paste.If you choose the right glue, the next replacement of wallpaper will be enough just to pick up on the edge of the old and a little pull, so they themselves will disappear.Clay is washed off with warm some water with the addition of soda.

ceiling wallpaper glue is necessary as well as the usual wall - with the windows closed completely, because they are too afraid of drafts.Before gluing the wallpaper can be cut to a certain size strip, thus must be oversize, and are stacked wrong side up.Strips of wallpaper glue necessary, following the direction of the incident light, so as not to sozdavlas shadow joints.

glue evenly and fairly thickly applied to the surface of the paintings from the mid.Completely missed fabric neatly folded "accordion" so that the entire length of the fold to create one 30 cm wide.This fabric is left briefly that it could well become impregnated with glue.

ceiling wallpaper glue begin like this: one hand adhere to the "accordion", the other is applied to the upper side of the ceiling paintings.Presses, even and smooth from the center to the edges themselves.So to make with all the folds of "bunching", while not forgetting necessarily smooth surface with a roller.Blades fit only joint to joint.

In a place where there should be a chandelier makes a small incision crossed in order to avoid the slightest creasing wallpaper.

to wall joints and linens were neatly on a corner between the wall and the ceiling line carried the blunt side of a large pair of scissors.Then, by pushing slightly fabric, cut it in this apparently bending.

That's it!Adhering to the described technique, you'll have no problems ceiling pokleit wallpaper yourself!