How to lay tile on the floor with their hands?

ceramic tiles have long been firmly established in interior decoration, becoming an integral part of the bathrooms, bathrooms, swimming pools and even kitchens.Comfortable and durable, being put on the floor, she copes with all the existing loads, while remaining beautiful and easy to clean.Usually tile home cause masters.However, if you feel the desire and ability to do the job yourself, you can safely proceed to the process.Previously it should be mandatory to find out how to put the tiles on the floor, and what features of this work?After the theoretical part, and you can begin to practice.

So first of all, you should know that all the ceramic tiles is divided into four main types, which depend on the degree of its strength.When buying pay attention to its characteristics, depending on which to pick out the most solid.Everything will depend on the purpose for which room you get it.Keep in mind that the most durable tiles (Grade 4) is commonly used in public institutions, and for home decoration is

usually sufficient to use a tile 3 strength class.

first stage of work is the alignment of the floor, if necessary.In any manual on how to lay tile on the floor, without fail nominated main demand - a perfectly flat surface, because otherwise you do not get flat angles at the joints, and when the rough surface tiles will be subjected to excessive stress fracture.That is why if the floor is not flat, it is necessary to use a liquid leveling compound and ensure that your flooring has become a flat shape.After freezing, you can start immediate tiling.

of the tools we will need a notched trowel, trowel, rubber mallet, tile cutter (or a Bulgarian with a special nozzle), plastic crosses, corner, level, and a damp cloth.And, of course, how to put the tiles on the floor without special glue mixture, which should be pre-purchased at the hardware store?Shutting it with water and mix with a mixer maintenance, get ready for the glue, which can be planted ceramic tile.

start laying tiles on the floor should be out of the corner bathroom, and from the front door.The result is a smooth and whole tile on the front side, and trimmed part will be hidden under the toilet, tub and sink.Trowel applied a layer of glue and flatten it with a notched trowel, making sure that the thickness of the solution was approximately 1 cm. Then firmly laid tile on the floor and gently presses it by checking the level of rank.If necessary, it hardly rap mallet for alignment.In the same way the next tile laid, making sure that the gaps between them were about 5 mm.

Of course, the master is easy to show how to put the tiles on the floor, but if you are doing this for the first time, the first job is given with difficulty.However, we must not despair, because with each new laid tiles you get invaluable experience, thanks to which will soon be able to become a true master of the case.

If possible, it is best to see a few videos that show how to put the tiles on the floor and how to hold the instrument.There must be to understand the theoretical part, because without the knowledge of the theory of practical actions may be useless.

After all the tiles laid out, should be allowed to dry for 3 days, after which you can start grouting.After this procedure, the work is completed and the room can be operated.Thus, from the foregoing, we now know how to lay tiles on the floor properly and you need to do.